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Comment Re:who owns the infra[stru]cture? (Score 2, Interesting) 204

I'm loving the fact that my city council (in Utah) voted in the affirmative to support the Utopia network here. I use the service at work, and am awaiting the install to my residence right now. Many other cities were lobbied successfully by Comcast and Qwest to vote the initiative down, and are now wishing they had not fallen for the lies!

Over the Utopia network, residential customers can get a 15meg SYNCHRONOUS line with static IP for $40/month. Business customers can get a 30meg synchronous line for about $125 (depending on bundling with VoIP and promotions). There are currently four ISPs offering internet service on the Utopia network, so you also get to take your pick. It's a WONDERFUL system to have in the area, even though they're not finished deploying some segments of the involved cities, and still working some of the kinks out. I hope other cities in the nation are successful in emulating it, and that they will likewise not be bought or talked out of it by the incumbent providers.

As a sidenote, the presence of fiber-to-the-home in my area has helped keep comcast and qwest in check. I can get Comcast's highest-speed cable modem in my area for about $20/month as long as I happen to mention that "i'm considering this new fiber-optic thingy I heard about in my neighborhood ..."

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