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Submission + - Wrecking Crew Demolishes Wrong Housing Duplex Following Google Maps Error

An anonymous reader writes: A demolition company has leveled the wrong housing duplex after one of its employees was misled by a Google Maps error. Instead of bringing down a house destroyed by a tornado in Rowlett, Texas at 7601 Cousteau Drive, the wrecking crew demolished another home at 7601 Cousteau Drive, a block away.

Owners of the second house were waiting for their house to be repaired, since it didn't suffer major damage in the tornado. The demolition company's CEO dismissed the incident as "not a big deal." The wrecking crew used Google Maps to find the house to demolish because they were brought in from a neighboring town, but failed to double-check with a neighbor before starting their work. A Google engineer confirmed that Google Maps was showing the wrong information.

Submission + - Mandriva Linux 2010 code name Adelie is finally ou (

ennael writes: "We finally did it. Mandriva Linux 2010 is out and comes with many improvements and innovations. We still go on supporting in same level of integration GNOME 2.28 and KDE 4.3.2. Support for netbooks is improved as users can now easily test Moblin 2.0 environment. "Smart desktop" coming from european research is now fully integrated and is the first real working semantic desktop. Mandriva Control Center also bring improvements in tools: new netprofile management tool, gui for Tomoyo security framework, parental control,...

A big thank to our community who worked hard and made this release possible.

Release Notes :
2010 Tour :" Link To Original Source

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