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Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 130

IPv6 has already gained critical mass. The CDNs are all turning on IPv6. The wireless ISPs are delivering the Internet over IPv6 today translating connections to IPv4 to talk to legacy servers. Sensible fixed line ISPs are delivering IPv6 today as it cuts down the CGN costs. The biggest players on the Internet are using IPv6 only internally translating connections to IPv4 to talk to legacy servers. IPv6 is not going away. It will just grow and grow.

When a home becomes IPv6 enabled (basically replace the CPE with one that supports both IPv4 and IPv6) most of the traffic switches to IPv6.

Comment Re:IPv6 (Score 2) 113

The only reason people can "turn it off and everything runs just fine" is that you have been paying extra to your ISP to pay for the CGN boxes to keep IPv4 limping along well past the time when everyone should have been off it.

Sane ISP's know that they don't want to run CGN boxes. They are expensive and increase they amount of logging that needs to be kept for law enforcement purposes. They also break functionality on which some of the customers depend.

Sane ISP's enable IPv6 as it takes load off the CGN boxes. A typical household with a IPv6 enabled sees around 60% of the traffic happening over IPv6 with
the percentage increasing everyday as CDN's turn on IPv6 support.

Comment Re:give me a break. (Score 1) 113

XP supported it out of the box. You had to enable it but the code was installed on the box when it was delivered.

I've been writing and shipping applications that support IPv6 for nearly 20 years now. I've been using IPv6 from home for 15 years now.

Work has been operating servers reachable by the public over IPv6 for longer still.

Comment Re:Redundant (Score 1) 141

If I order a pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominos here in Australia. Neither Pizza Hut nor Dominos has the legal right to send me any advertising ever. The *only* thing they have a legal right to send me is email related directly to that transaction. They are also not permitted to tick check boxes saying that you request advertising material. They are also not permitted to send SMS messages except as related to the transaction in progress. They are permitted to send me mail that the post office delivers.

Now if Pizza Hut and Dominos can do that here they can do that everywhere in the world.

Comment Re:lack of foresight (Score 1) 193

The CBP would be laughed out of court if it said "we were searching this phone for copyright infringement" as bring in copyrighted works is not prohibited and people have large personal collections of lots of things on their devices. You need lots more than just the presence of copyrighted works to prove copyright infringement. If the CBP already has suspicions of copyright infringements occurring then looking for particular copyright material makes sense.

It the difference between bringing in the contents of you library of books (legal) and bringing in multiple copies of the same book for resale when you are not
the designated distributer (illegal).

There is however digital stuff that in not permitted to cross US borders, and yes, the CBP has the right to look for this both coming in and leaving the US. That depends on what it is not that it is copyrighted.

Comment Re:What about region-encoding on DVDs? (Score 1) 74

Why would I rip them? Multi-region DVD player are legal here and it is illegal for publisher to disable playing DVD's on such players. Private parallel importation is legal. It the imported goods are over a threshold value you duty on them. Commercial parallel importation is illegal.

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