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Submission + - Rips Copyright Notices, Sells GPL Code as Own 2

richlv writes: On July 31st 2008, it was suggested that an opensource monitoring solution, Zabbix, was modified and sold as another product — Firescope. Some of the modifications were quite nasty, for example, ripping out 'Zabbix' from source files and replacing it with 'Firescope' so it read "SIA Firescope" (SIA being Latvian for Ltd. or GmbH). Zabbix authors tried to negotiate, but the attempts failed. As a result, Zabbix community members tried to rise awareness on Digg and Slashdot, where multiple comments, defending Firescope, were added by few newly created user accounts that haven't been used to post on any other story since then. One of the accounts was registered under the name "M Lynd", with the president of Firescope being Mark Lynd. Additionally, Wikipedia entry on the copyright dispute was deleted by an anonymous user, coming from IP range registered to FIRESCOPE INC. Zabbix developers have again asked for help, so maybe Slashdot readers can educate Firescope clients that they are being sold a product that violates copyright. Let's see, will Mark use his old accounts, register several new or post anonymously this time?

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