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Comment Re:Not so trivial. (Score 1) 1121

Somehow you still manage to miss the point. Today with modern technology you can make exact copy. There is no such thing as exact translation on the other hand. I speak several foreign languages and I can easily think of several sentences in each that can not be translated into say English. You can write an entire page explaining the original, but the English speaker is still going to be robbed of something without actually learning the original language.

So, back to your point about "original" Greek text. You can claim the translation is 97% correct, what ever that means, but how correct is the Greek text the translation is based on? How removed from the actual first bible is it? When you actually take a look at that you will see that "original" Greek is actually centuries from the first copy ever written. And the first copy does not exist any more so nothing to compare it with.

So having a 100% correct copy of corrupt oldest now available copy is a useless metric. Besides all that, we know bible is full allegory (compelling case can be made that entire Jesus myth is allegory taken literally and later embellished by trying to insert it into history. See for example, so taking allegory literally is just idiotic.

Comment Re:Not so trivial. (Score 1) 1121

That's a really poorly researched argument. First of all we are not talking about the new testament here, but Genesis. And even then, the oldest known fragments of the new testament are centuries after the purported events took place. But that's beside the point. If you really care take a look at say Prof. Bart Ehrman's lecture (he is a new testament scholar at Chapel Hill) on this:

The Bible and the new testament in particular are full of errors, choice insertions and contradictions and deviations. Any attempt at literal understanding of the text is just silly at that point.

Comment This is trivial. (Score 2) 1121

The bible can't be literally true because it has been copied (manually by scribes) so many times and each copy introduced random mutations. If you add translation into the mix all bets are off. This is why we now have thousands of versions of the "same" texts and verses and different versions can have meaning that is quite different from other instances in the same language, let alone if you add multiple languages into the mix. So, which exact version/copy are we disproving? And why that version and not some other?

This is also a good argument that god is quite stupid and incompetent (and therefore not omniscient), first to leave it to chance which religion you get indoctrinated into (strongly correlated with where you were born), and second all you have is fallible text about him, so fallible that it is meaningless and open to contradictory interpretations.

But all this is quite consistent with idea that religion and gods are man made.

Comment Re:Yet another reason to dump FF (Score 1) 152

How is this not making the browser more secure? Firefox is already pretty damn fast. Last 3-4 releases have consistently reduced browser and extension memory usage as well (it was never a concern for me personally, all systems I use have over 10 GB of RAM anyway). And this change only mitigates the third party risk in a least intrusive way possible. I say go Mozilla. Firefox is still very competitive and in my opinion the best browser out there. This is why I still use it. In fact I can't imagine using anything else without Pentadactyl extension.

Comment Re:Where's the one on Apple? (Score 5, Insightful) 375

Actually, you are completely wrong. Also, no one is asking for permission to "replace" Safari engine, just to install another one and give user a choice. All browsers for iOS devices on the App Store use WebKit (Safari) engine and they just provide different UI around it. But if something doesn't render (work) in Safari, it won't work in any other browser. The only exception is Opera Mini which renders content on the server and then sends the rendered content to the browser on iOS device. In this regard Apple is way worse than Microsoft ever was. Now Microsoft is playing catchup in evil practices that Apple got away with so easily.

Comment Keyboard and screen (Score 1) 399

I want standard US keyboard layout with only one thing written on each key, I want high resolution screen (130 DPI and over). I can't buy a PC laptop because none of them have good keyboard and every key has 5 things written on it and for some reason in Canada ALL keyboards have stupid layout where left shift key is split and \ placed next to z. All keys programmers use all the time like brackets, semicolon etc keys are at non-standard locations. Enter key is split and weirdly shaped. I pretty much have to buy Mac and then install whatever OS I want on it just because PC hardware is getting hideously unusable.

Comment Re:Those who never believe in "Magic" ... (Score 1) 467

I don't have to be deluded or believe in sky carpenter, gods etc to be spiritual or enjoy transcendent experiences, to be in awe of majesty and beauty, to feel love, to experience "magical moments". In fact they come all the time and I appreciate them even more knowing universe wasn't made just for me, and creator of the universe is not my personal buddy. It would take away from magic of the moment if I did believe that.

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