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Spitzer Telescope Sheds Light On Colony of Baby Stars 34

astroengine writes "NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope had the unprecedented opportunity to observe the heart of the Orion Nebula for 40 days, returning 80 images of the star-forming region. In doing so, the observatory has been keeping track of 1,500 young stars as they undergo rapid variations in brightness, caused by large 'cool spots' on the surface of the stars and obscuring dust. However, the high resolution images Spitzer is returning take center-stage, showing a tight cluster of stellar birth amid the nebulous clouds of dust. This is an incredible achievement considering its primary mission is over (after using up all of its liquid helium coolant in May 2009) and only two instruments are still working."

Submission + - Solar Hydrogen Generator May Make Clean Hydrogen F (greengoldrush.org)

Dannah writes: "Until now, Solar power was used to create energy two ways: photovoltaics or solar-thermal. Thanks to Nanoptek's new experimental technology, solar energy may soon be used to generate Hydrogen, which in turn can power Hydrogen fuel cells. Scientists believe it is the first successful method of producing carbon-free Hydrogen."

Submission + - Some DNS requests ruled illegal in North Dakota (circleid.com) 1

jgreco writes: "A judge in North Dakota has just ruled that requesting a zone transfer from a public DNS server is criminal activity within the meaning of the North Dakota Computer Crimes Law. A zone transfer is a simple request that a DNS server hand over information in bulk, and a DNS server may be configured to allow or deny such requests. That the owner of a DNS server would configure the server to allow such requests, and then claim such requests were unauthorized, is simply stunning.


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Submission + - Submissions

marcus writes: Harhar, you solicit submissions on the front page. Once I get here you complain about folks complaining about rejections. Well, here's one for you: Everything that I have submitted has been rejected, so from now on I am going to reject your solicitations!

It happens, don't take it personally.

Submission + - We'd need a MUCH bigger mousetrap (nationalgeographic.com)

conlaw writes: According a report in today's National Geographic News, scientists in Uraguay have confirmed that a skeleton found by an amateur paleontologist is that of the largest known rodent. Based on the 21-inch-long skull, the scientists have concluded that the creature, who lived between 2 and 4 million years ago, was about the size of a full-grown bull, weighing in at slightly over a ton. Imagine encountering one of these guys in your cozy little cave!
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Anti-Cancer Beer (smh.com.au)

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers in Germany say that a cancer-fighting substance found in hops could be enhanced to brew a special anti-cancer beer. The preliminary studies indicate xanthohumol, found in hops, inhibits a family of enzymes that can trigger the cancer process, as well as help the body detoxify carcinogens, according to the science newswire Ivanhoe. One day when you hold up a glass and say, "To your health," you would actually be toasting a triumph of the brewer's art over disease.

Submission + - Is Microsoft Charging JVC For Linux Use?

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has signed a patent cross-licensing deal with JVC, under which the balance of payments flows toward Microsoft. The companies aren't releasing details, but Microsoft has previously signed Linux "protection" agreements with Linux users or distributors like Samsung, Novell, Xandros and others under which Microsoft gets paid in exchange for not suing. Microsoft, of course, has claimed that Linux violates 42 of its patents. So the thinking is that JVC may be paying Microsoft to use Linux. InformationWeek in a story about the deal notes that JVC uses Linux in its streaming video networking gear and other products.

Submission + - 3 major hidden features of good hosting (deal-times.com)

begemot61 writes: There are a lot of hosting companies offering affordable web site hosting in the price range from $5 to $9 a month. From the first point of view their propositions look very similar and include tremendous amount of web space, terrific bandwidth and big list of free scripts. The questions that you should ask yourself before considering any of these offers is what is hidden and how you can find out the real difference.

Submission + - mystery signal from space (ktvu.com)

An anonymous reader writes: "researchers searching for signs of life in space were abuzz this week with word that a mystery signal has been picked up by a giant radio-telescope in Puerto Rico."

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