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2012 Mayan Calendar 'Doomsday' Date Might Be Wrong 144

astroengine writes "A UC Santa Barbara associate professor is disputing the accuracy of the mesoamerican 'Long Count' calendar after highlighting several astronomical flaws in a correlation factor used to synchronize the ancient Mayan calendar with our modern Gregorian calendar. If proven to be correct, Gerardo Aldana may have nudged the infamous December 21, 2012 'End of the World' date out by at least 60 days. Unfortunately, even if the apocalypse is rescheduled, doomsday theorists will unlikely take note."

California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys 756

WrongSizeGlass writes "The L.A. Times is reporting that Santa Clara County officials have voted to ban toys and other promotions that restaurants offer with high-calorie children's meals. 'This ordinance prevents restaurants from preying on children's love of toys' to sell high-calorie, unhealthful food, said Supervisor Ken Yeager, who sponsored the measure. 'This ordinance breaks the link between unhealthy food and prizes.' Supervisor Donald Gage, who voted against the measure, said, 'If you can't control a 3-year-old child for a toy, God save you when they get to be teenagers.' The vote was 3 - 2 in favor of the ban."

Comment Re:And this is different from the 10000 other rumo (Score 0, Troll) 327

But. She is always late to the party, driving a slow ass car 10 years out of date

Just exactly WHAT in this video looks "10 years out of date", or reminds one of a "slow ass car"?

Note that that is NOT some cleverly-edited commercial footage. Obviously, the UI really IS that cool. And that fast. Yes, there is obviously a UI bug or two in the iBooks app, and I think they need to make the "inadvertent tap" delay a little shorter (but this may be somewhat unavoidable, to allow for distinguishing between tap and double-tap), but this was still two months before product release. Everything else looks quite nice. And FAST!

So, fucktard. Get your trolling facts straight.

Comment Re:Murderer (Score 1) 160

......Except late second trimester has a survival probability, thanks to modern advances.

I do not understand why anyone needs more that a month or 2 , tops, to decide something like this. You find out, and that is up to 1 month passed. You give it thought. A few days later, if you haven't decided, you might wanna go on and abort. IIRC, a pregnancy term is actually 10 total months, 40 weeks, from conception. It is actually 0 to 4 months total for first trimester, I believe. This would give more time to consider.

While this is an emotionally, religiously, and politically charged subject, it all ends up the same. The mother either wants and can try to support the potential child, or she can't meet the criteria. I submit that if the mother doesn't want the child after 4 months in, she's stuck with her decision. Many people pay for their decisions all the time. My opinion is that only in the U.S. do we consider not making people responsible for their actions and decisions as a good thing. Lack of consequences is fairly rewarding careless and reckless actions. This is possibly just a perception based on my limited knowledge of other countries. I'd like to see this aspect of our nation change.

Comment Re:What a Tragedy and No Charges? (Score 1) 1343

That's pretty fucked up, it's still an innocent child with the whole world ahead of her. Don't devalue a life because of poor decision on the parent's part.

If you value both the loss of life AND the sorrow caused by it, it's better that the negligence caused sorrow to the person who was negligent, rather than a neighbor. It doesn't devalue the life.

Comment Re:Papers Please! (Score 1) 619

You ALREADY need papers if you want to work, drive a car, vote, or even walk around in the states that require you to carry ID on you (those being Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin). What's new?

Comment Re:Papers Please! (Score 4, Insightful) 619

The idea being that illegal immigrants can't get "papers" and will therefore be unable to work

Yeah, that'll work. Just the other day I stopped at the corner and picked up a guy named "Jose" to help me put up drywall, alas he didn't have a social security card and wasn't able to accept the greenbacks I was offering him. Guess I'll have to hire someone with papers next time.

And suddenly, many Americans are going to find themselves having to get lawyers and work out paperwork when their cards don't come up valid, or they lose them, etc.

Why would that bother anybody in Congress? Most of them are lawyers after all. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.....

Comment Counterfeits (Score 1) 260

Why does a USB-powered charger need software at all? ... But how does Energizer feel now, with egg on their faces?

To be honest, they just need to get used to it and others need to be prepared for it. Imagine the opportunities for counterfeiters, they now have the potential for a new revenue stream. Regardless of whether a legitimate product comes with software or not, I expect some counterfeit goods will start coming with software. Legit or counterfeit, the company will take heat from consumers. They just need to get ready for it.

Perpenso Calc for iPhone and iPod touch, scientific and bill/tip calculator, fractions, complex numbers, RPN

Comment Re:Possibly another reason (Score 1) 306

I also have a problem with civil service workers (including teachers) getting excessive benefits (those that far exceed that which is typically offered to workers in similar positions in the private sector) - but maybe that's just a personal pet peeve.

Those "excessive" union benefits eventually make their way to nonunion shops; at least, where there is competetion for workers. Some of the "excessive" benefits you enjoy today are benefits like the forty hour work week, paid vacations, weekends off, sick leave, etc you would not have if not for labor unions. If you don't have these benefits, you only have your illogical and irrational hatred of unions to blame.

Comment Re:Fuel? (Score 1) 303

For an even simpler solution: couldn't you just *ignite* the methane? Then it would turn into CO2, which, while a greenhouse gas, is a much less powerful greenhouse gas. And there's "very little" methane by mass compared to CO2 [1], so that would reduce its impact to a negligible fraction of the existing CO2's greenhouse effect.

The only problem I see is that it would melt surrounding ice and reduce the earth's albino, absorbing more heat from the sun.

[1]even after accounting for the 2.75x weight ratio of CO2 to CH4 in the combustion reaction.

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