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Comment Re:A win is a win. (Score 1) 601

You almost had it right, but then you got confused. It's nice to see that a judge will enforce the plain language of the contract. He doesn't give a rat's ass about artistic integrity. He cares about the integrity of the law. EMI signed a contract. The terms of the contract are not illegal. Therefore EMI must abide by the contract. The judge barely had to engage his brain for this. The only thinking he had to do was to understand that adding the phrase "on the Internet" to the actions of EMI doesn't magically give them an out from a contract that had no limitations of ways or means of making the sales. Just limitations on what can be sold.

It's too bad he doesn't work for the patent office, but I guess we can be happy that there's at least one judge in Britain that doesn't become all befuddled when a lawyer snaps "on the Internet" at him.

Comment Re:Note: Apache ON WINDOWS (Score 1) 160

Seriously, it is that bad.

The SYSTEM account has no privileges to the network, so shared pages or a shared installation of Apache is invisible to the service. If you intend to use any network resources, the following steps should help:

  • Select Apache from the Control Panel's Service dialog and click Startup.
  • Verify that the service account is correct. You may wish to create an account for your Apache services.
  • Retype the password and password confirmation.
  • Go to User Manager for Domains.
  • Click on Policies from the title bar menu, and select User Rights.
  • Select the option for Advanced User Rights.
  • In the drop-down list, verify that the following rights have been granted to the selected account:
    • Act as part of the operating system
    • Back up files and directories
    • Log on as a service
    • Restore files and directories
  • Confirm that the selected account is a member of the Users group.
  • Confirm the selected account has access to all document and script directories (minimally read and browse access).
  • Confirm the selected account has read/write/delete access to the Apache logs directory!

Now, as far as I understand, the main IIS service runs as Local System. But, for IIS 6+, worker processes run as the user logged into the website (or a set anonymous user, if not authenticated). This seems like it could still harbor some privilege escalation exploits, but seems more secure than Apache on Windows. I guess my point is, if you run Apache for a production server, make sure it is *nix and that it is not running as root.

Comment Re:Running Very Lean Re:Same old snake oil (Score 1) 379

Yeah, and another car magazine went to his shop (Car and Driver, I think), where they found his test car overheated, had severe engine knock (which Yunick refused to admit was occurring), and was not giving the fuel economy Yunick claimed. They asked so many questions they pissed him off (never a difficult thing to do). Their conclusion was that, if anyone could make it work, it would probably be Yunick, but that none of his claims could be proved at his current level of development.

Comment Efficient or Green? You choose. (Score 3, Informative) 379

As any (mechanical) engineer knows, to get an efficient internal combustion engine you want compression pressures as high as possible and combustion temperatures as high as possible (an oversimplification, to be sure) because an internal combustion engine is a heat engine, and the greater the temperature and pressure difference between the combustion event in the cylinder, and ambient conditions at the end of the exhaust system, the more efficient it is.

UNFORTUNATELY, some three quarters of the gas that the internal combustion engine draws in from the atmosphere is Nitrogen, and when you expose Nitrogen to the high pressures and temperatures of a combustion chamber, what happens next is simple, and unavoidable, chemistry, you get oxides of nitrogen out the exhaust pipe.

So on the one hand an efficient engine will be running petrol / gasoline at 13:1 compression ratios, or diesel at 25:1 compression ratios, and polluting the crap out of everything.

On the other hand, a "green" engine will be running petrol / gasoline at 9:1 compression ratios, or diesel at 17:1, and wasting energy efficiency like an ice rink in Dubai.

You can't have it both ways.

Comment Re:Ever-more proof that Europe is a Potemkin Villa (Score 1) 376

In cash flow terms, none of the commercial banks were insolvent. If the market asset valuation is a temporary anomaly, and the the loans will cure that anomaly, they are an extremely good risk, especially compared to the wreckage which would ensue if most of the banks in the country fail, and of course have to be wound down by the FDIC and all the depositors made whole.

That is not to say that I am a big fan of fiat currency, and even less of fractional reserve banking. FRB only works when the government insures bank deposits. That insurance dramatically changes the calculus of the rationality of offering loans to banks during a financial crisis.

Comment Re:How much variation, though? (Score 1) 56

How many variations of go to X and kill/collect Y of Z are there, I wonder?

Well, there aren't really that many variations of 'go to X and kill/collect Y of Z', but there are more possible goals than just 'go to X and kill/collect Y of Z'. For the basic mission goals available in CoX, see Tutorial 104, for more advanced goals see the 200 series of tutorials.
There's also some deeper tricks you can play - like chaining goals. (Goal 'y' won't spawn until goal 'x' is accomplished.) If you have a 'boss fight' goal, you can arrange it such that he gets reinforcements as his hit points decrease. For 'rescue a hostage' goals, the hostage can be someone who must be escorted out (and survive) or simply killing his guards may suffice. Or maybe he becomes an ally (an NPC who fights alongside you), or betrays you (leads you into a trap).

Granted, I remember a long time ago playing user created campaigns in NWN, and they weren't half bad, but even professional designers seem to have difficulty putting together compelling mssions in MMOs... color me skeptical.

Sure, mission arcs published via the Architect are subject to Sturgeon's Law much like anything else. But that is what the rating system is for, filtering out the 90%, and mostly it works.

Comment Re:Visit the plant in Everett. (Score 1) 278

If you happen to have a relative that works there, they have a family tour once a year that you can go on. They let you down on the work floor for that tour, instead of just up on the catwalks. The only thing that they have running is one of the ceiling cranes spinning a plane around, so you aren't dodging anything. If you have the chance, I highly recommend it.

Comment Re:Windows 7 is better than Linux (Score 1) 349

Which is funny because Vista is based off of Win7, not the other way around. Win7 was suppose to be the original release, but with it taking so long, they forked it part way and made Vista, which had many features/tuning missing, but had mostly the same framework. Essentially, they forked Vista at a comfortable state and tied up the loose ends and called it a new OS; while Win7 kept on through development to get finished.

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