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Submission + - Beware: govts are tapping your 3G calls (zdnet.com.au)

joshgnosis writes: ZDNet Australia reports that an increasing number of governments around the world are using interceptors that can push 3G calls back down to the much less secure 2G in order to tap into the calls. "People have this misconception that if they're using a 3G phone their call cannot be intercepted because the 3G network provides them with a bit more security", says Les Goldsmith, CEO of call interceptor distributor ESD Group.
The Courts

Submission + - 911 "SWATting" Hacker Sentenced (ocregister.com)

maotx writes: "Randal T. Ellis, the 19 year old previously arrested for "SWATting" a Lake Forest, California couple, has now been sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay $14,765 in restitution. Investigations revealed that Ellis had made at least five prank 911 calls throughout the country, including to his home town Mukilteo, Washington in which he claimed he had shot his family with an AK-47 and threatened to shoot any officers who came to the falsely reported address. Ellis' plot was completed by using a service provider on the Internet. "It didn't take a lot of technical hacking skills," said Sgt. Mike McHenry. "All it required was knowledge of certain services that he used for the wrong purpose. I hope this deters other people emulating Mr. Ellis. I would hope they think twice before engaging in cyber terrorism.""

MIT Student Arrested For Wearing 'Tech Art' Shirt At Airport 1547

SuperBanana writes "According to a report by the Boston Globe, MIT Student Star Simpson was nearly shot by Logan Airport police who thought she was armed with a bomb. She approached an airline employee wearing a prototyping board with electronic components, crudely attached to the front of her sweatshirt and holding 'putty' in her hand. She asked about an incoming flight, and did not respond when asked about the device. Armed police responded. 'Simpson was charged with possessing a hoax device and was arraigned today East Boston Municipal Court. She was held on $750 cash bail and ordered to return to court Oct. 29. "Thankfully because she followed our instructions, she ended up in our cell instead of a morgue," Pare said. "Again, this is a serious offense ... I'm shocked and appalled that somebody would wear this type of device to an airport."'"
The Media

Submission + - Boston Mistakes Blinking LEDs for a Bomb... Again.

iamdrscience writes: ""In a story bearing a striking similarity to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force "hoax device" story from a few months ago, Star Simpson, a 19 year old MIT student, was arrested this morning at Logan airport by Boston police for allegedly carrying a fake bomb. She has already been charged with "disturbing the peace and possessing a hoax device" to which she plead not guilty and was released on $750 bail. The device in question consisted of a black sweatshirt with prototyping breadboard attached to the front which had been wired up a few blinking LEDs. In a press conference, State Police Major Scott Pare, the commanding officer at the airport was quoted as "She was immediately told to stop, to raise her hands and not to make any movement, so we could observe all her movements to see if she was trying to trip any type of device, had she not followed the protocol, we might have used deadly force.""

Submission + - 0day in PDF files can compromise Windows

maotx writes: "A newly discovered exploit within PDFs allows hackers to compromise machines running Windows. The exploit is officially confirmed by Adobe's team and is not limited to just Adobe's software. PDF application Foxit is vulnerable as well, although the user is required to interact with the document in order to launch the exploit. Other viewers may share this vulnerability. The PDF exploit may be executed by directly opening the PDF or viewing it within an embedded webpage. Video of the exploit is available here. Vista users are not affected."

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