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Submission + - NASA satellite nails Mercury orbit (

coondoggie writes: "NASA has sent the very first spacecraft into an orbit around Mercury, the closest planet on our solar system to the Sun. Now that it is there, NASA's satellite MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) will orbit Mercury about 730 times in the next 12 months, beaming back pictures and never-before-available pictures and data on the planet."

Submission + - Samsung Series 9: lighter, thinner than MacBookAir (

An anonymous reader writes: Samsung has announced that the 13-inch version of its Series 9 laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium is now available in the US through Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger, as well as other select retailers and e-tailers. The Windows 7 Professional option as well as the 11-inch version with Windows 7 Home Premium will become available in mid-April. The MacBook Air just got some serious competition.
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Submission + - People reject free money out of anger (

puff3456 writes: The Ultimatum Game, in which test subjects respond to take-it-or-leave-it offers, has allowed psychologists to explore how humans handle issues like fairness and punishment. But a new study shows some people attempt to punish even when the rules of the game are stacked in a way that makes it impossible.

Submission + - Facebook Naked: The Day Facebook Changed

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that Facebook is about to embark on yet another questionable move with regards to privacy. Possibly in a move to counter Twitter's functionality, Facebook is going to start making all of your posted messages, photos, and videos publicly viewable by default. In the past, Facebook has been slammed by making too much information public, such as when they introduced the News Feeds of your friends, the Beacon third party advertising initiative, and most recently their TOS policy changes. This latest development is unlikely to be any different. Unfortunately, many people will not be aware of this change, or won't understand how to keep their private lives private. Of course, the slashdot elitists will say, "don't use/post that stuff". But that is us, the privacy conscious. It is unlikely that the majority of people who think their stuff is private will be aware that it no longer is.

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