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Submission + - Buzz Aldrin on NASA's future

basil64 writes: "Buzz Aldrin has weighed in on NASA's long term plans; In short, extend the soon-to-be-cancelled space shuttle, extend the Constellation program and colonize Mars, in an interview with Lester Haines at The Register
from the article:
"The agency's current Vision for Space Exploration will waste decades and hundreds of billions of dollars trying to reach the moon by 2020 — a glorified rehash of what we did 40 years ago. Instead of a steppingstone to Mars, NASA's current lunar plan is a detour."
Aldrin has always been one of the most vocal of NASA's astronauts on the topic of why the future ain't what it used to be; a vocal proponent for space exploration, colonization, and the probability of extra-terrestrial life, He is seen by some as 'out there' but i believe he has the true pioneer attitude that got the whole space program off the ground (so to speak)"

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