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Comment Why I dumped Android (Score 1) 171

And this is exactly why I threw in the towel on Android. Two reference phones, bought unlocked, were abandoned. After the second one, and seeing my daughter's ancient iPhone 3GS continue to receive updates, I bought an iPhone 5. Perfect world? No. But I do get regular updates and it works with my iTunes/Apple TV. None of the phones worked perfectly in my Ford with SYNC, but sending text messages is limited to feature phones (reading on the iPhone was added in the latest Ford software update). Smartest thing Apple did was maintain control of updates.

Comment Re:democracy (Score 1) 449

Governments do not have rights,only people do. Legitimate governments have powers which are delegated by the people, who agree to limit their freedom in certain areas in exchange for order in society. I do believe I read that somewhere once. Sadly, people seemed to have forgotten, or perhaps never learned, the basic principles of government espoused by the Founders of the United States. Personally, I blame parents for this - they have allowed the schools, which are run locally here, to become cesspools that no longer provide even a semblance of good education. Kids here succeed in spite of their 'education' not because of it....

Comment Re:Age of consent (Score 1) 115

Pretty sure he means age of majority - the age at which you can legally enter into contracts, join the armed forces and generally control your own legal, financial, living and life arrangements. In the US, this is generally 18, though there are exceptions (e.g alcohol age is 21). Nothing to do with age of consent, which is about sexual relations (and tis age varies widely from US state to US state).

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