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Submission + - Stardock shares its thoughts about piracy 1

Jamie Bosmans writes: "Recently we have been seeing a lot of developers tell us that piracy is ruining the PC gaming industry.
According to the developers they have no choice but to convert to the world of consoles if they want to survive.

Stardock has a different view on this issue though. They claim that PC game developers should be looking for big markets instead of "The cool factor".

Read the article here."
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Submission + - Linden Lab CEO Rosedale steps down

An anonymous reader writes: Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, is ready to focus on the fun part of creating a company — to sit down in the seat of the chairman and provide "vision, strategy and design" ideas to grow the world the he brought online back in 2003. He said that he has begun looking for a chief executive officer to replace him, someone who will be able to scale the company to "thousands of people and tens of millions of users of Second Life." No word on who will become CEO yet.

Submission + - Beijing olympics website pirates flash games (

RemyBR writes: "Stolen video games are nothing new in China, but it reaches a disturbing new level when the official website of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games does it. Several of the flash games located on the website seem to have been lifted and modified from already existing games. As Ars Techinca reports, developer Cadin Batrack has noticed that the game resembled a modified version of his own game, Snow Day, as if someone had downloaded the SWF file and modified it. That game has been taken down, but more remain."

EA Launches 'Hostile' Bid for GTA Publisher 171

Games news sites are reporting that EA has issued a new offering to Take-Two's shareholders in an attempt to purchase the company outright. Last month EA offered some $2 billion to Take-Two in an effort to accomplish the same goal. Take-Two declined, and EA took their offer public. Now, Electronic Arts is offering the price of some $26 per share to Take-Two's holders, a generous valuation. "Within ten business days Take-Two is required by law to publish, send or give to shareholders (and file with the Securities and Exchange Commission), a statement as to whether it recommends acceptance or rejection of the latest offer ... Since EA launched its February bid Take-Two said that other parties had approached it regarding a merger, but that it hadn't entered into negotiations with other companies about a deal."
PC Games (Games)

Unreal Creator Proclaims PCs are Not For Gaming 705

An anonymous reader writes "TG Daily is running an interesting interview with EPIC founder and Unreal creator Tim Sweeney. Sweeney is anyway very clear about his views on the gaming industry, but it is surprising how sharply he criticizes the PC industry for transforming the PC into a useless gaming machine. He's especially unhappy with Intel, which he says has integrated graphics chipsets that 'just don't work'."

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