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Comment Re:april fools? (Score 1) 273

Half the world writes it 4/1 the other half 1/4, the one you use doesn't make it any better then the one they use.
It's a big world, you have to expect people to do things differently then you do...but then that would be thinking people are individuals and it's ok to be different

Comment Re:Why not ReiserFS? (Score 4, Insightful) 161

Not to mention ext3 doesn't lose random OS files in the wake of a sudden power failure like reiserfs does. I might be alone on this event but after it happening on 3 different systems at 3 different times I'd think it would be documented more. I've always thought reiserfs was overrated and even if there is a speed increase data integrity is a lot more important to me.

It doesn't bother me that the creator is a convicted murderer, it does bother me that the file system gets away with murder all the time.

Comment Re:Microsoft,Bethesda Destroying Console Gaming (Score 1) 137

To be fair they weren't real vampires, just glorified cannibals.
I've had a few crashes and one time in the Enclave base I got stuck under the floor railing and wasn't able to get to the stairs. Only happened once though and wasn't repeatable.
I think most of these 'its buggy' people just nitpick over everything for the sake of nitpicking over everything. I've seen graphic glitches, animation glitches, pathing issues and lots of havoc quirks but nothing that would send me on a quest to belittle the game claiming it to be a POS engine.

Comment Re:Paranoia (Score 1) 137

Try some of the mods that change the armor/hp/damage ratings to be closer to how they were in F1 and F2...I have a level 20 character that gets ripped apart in less then 2 seconds from a single turret.
If you're looking for more of a challenge find those mods. If you're on PS3 or XBOX, stop complaining and accept that you have already given into corporate conformity =)


Gibson Accuses Guitar Hero of Patent Violation 192

robipilot writes "Video game publisher Activision Inc. has asked a federal court to declare that its popular "Guitar Hero" game does not violate a patent held by real-guitar maker Gibson Guitar Corp. Gibson's 1999 patent covers a virtual-reality device that included a headset with speakers that simulated participating in a concert, according to a complaint filed on Tuesday by Santa Monica, Calif.-based Activision in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles."

Carmack Speaks On Ray Tracing, Future id Engines 256

Vigile writes "As a matter of principle, when legendary game programmer John Carmack speaks, the entire industry listens. In a recent interview he comments on a multitude of topics starting with information about Intel, their ray tracing research and upcoming Larrabee GPU. Carmack seems to think that Intel's direction using traditional ray tracing methods is not going to work and instead theorizes that using ray casting to traverse a new data structure he is developing is the best course of action. The 'sparse voxel octree' that Carmack discusses would allow for 'unique geometry down to the equivalent of the texel across everything.' He goes on to discuss other topics like the hardware necessary to efficiently process his new data structure, translation to consoles, multi-GPU PC gaming and even the world of hardware physics."
PC Games (Games)

Unreal Creator Proclaims PCs are Not For Gaming 705

An anonymous reader writes "TG Daily is running an interesting interview with EPIC founder and Unreal creator Tim Sweeney. Sweeney is anyway very clear about his views on the gaming industry, but it is surprising how sharply he criticizes the PC industry for transforming the PC into a useless gaming machine. He's especially unhappy with Intel, which he says has integrated graphics chipsets that 'just don't work'."

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