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Google to Open Source the VP8 Codec 501

Several readers noted Google's reported intention to open source the VP8 codec it acquired with On2 last February — as the FSF had urged. "HTML5 has the potential to capture the online video market from Flash by providing an open standard for web video — but only if everyone can agree on a codec. So far Adobe and Microsoft support H.264 because of the video quality, while Mozilla has been backing Ogg Theora because it's open source. Now it looks like Google might be able to end the squabble by making the VP8 codec it bought from On2 Technologies open source and giving everyone what they want: high-quality encoding that also happens to be open. Sure, Chrome and Firefox will support it. But can Google get Safari and IE on board?"

Comment Re:Not a C program (Score 1) 582

Back in the day, I worked with Microware's OS-9. The compiled binaries first had to pass inspection before being loaded into memory. If the header information was wrong or if the length or various checksums did not match up, it was rejected as corrupt. I know there are ways to go here and there and everywhere when it comes to getting around security and integrity measures, but it's good to have them in general and it's good when they are verifiable. How nice would it be to have all binaries that are loaded into memory validated in this way. Such binaries tracking systems could be used to verify and validate the presence of executable modules in a system, for example, in some sort of registry system that locks away signatures of executables on a read-only network server somewhere where the OS would refuse to load stuff into memory if, after checking the size and sums of the files, if they don't match the registry query. Once again, I know, not perfect, but better than what DOS/Windows does. This sort of white-list system could only exist if the kernel were designed to inspect and respect the correct binary module format.

Linux IS mainstream even if it's not on many desktops. White-listing executable code and other memory loaded binaries would not be a horrible preventative measure.

Comment Re:but 3D home theater is next. (Score 1) 532

A 2 month wait? Big deal.

You already "waited" more than that long just to have it available in cinemas.

Unless something is remarkable, the 2 month wait doesn't concern anybody.

2 months... I remember waiting 3 YEARS for a movie.

2 months is absent minded procrastination.

Mebbe Valenti was right. Home recording devices are the "Boston Strangler".
The detail that Valenti forgot to mention is that the MPAA is an S&M Hooker.
The studios will gladly prostitute themselves even if getting beaten nearly
to death is part of the bargain. They're just that greedy.


Submission + - Swap out a UPS without powering off any equipment? 7

An anonymous reader writes: I need to replace a failing UPS with a brand new one. Sounds simple, right? Well, the catch is... I want to do so without powering any of the equipment down. None of the equipment that the UPS currently supplies has redundant power supplies, so that is not an option. I've done some googling, but have come up empty handed. How can I keep my equipment powered on while replacing my old UPS?

Submission + - Did DHS Sell Out to Corporate H-1B Visa Interests?

theodp writes: "Declaring the loss of foreign students a threat to the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security cited Bill Gates' hiring woes as it changed immigration rules without notice or comment Friday to allow foreign students to stay on to work in the States for two-and-a-half years after graduating with a technical bachelor's degree or higher without needing an H-1B visa. 'This rule will enable businesses to attract and retain highly skilled foreign workers, giving U.S. companies a competitive advantage in the world economy,' said DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff. So was this a real threat to the U.S. requiring the skirting of rulemaking procedures, as Chertoff maintained, or a manufactured crisis to cater to corporate H-1B stakeholders?"

Submission + - Microsoft Loses $367M Patent Judgment (foxbusiness.com)

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Microsoft has had a $367 million judgment entered against them for infringing upon Alcatel-Lucent's patented MP3 technology. Of course, a prior ruling had that figure at $1.5 billion, and they still plan to appeal. One wonders what happened to Microsoft's once vaunted "ongoing commitment to respecting intellectual property." Perhaps that respect only applies to SCO's Unix IP?"

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