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The Matrix

Submission + - SourceForge taken down by unknown force (

Dionysius, God of Wine and Leaf, writes: "CNET received an e-mail early Wednesday morning from a reader saying "Slashdot is down and has been since late (Tuesday) night." A run through Google Blog Search yielded few results, but the Belgium-based BosIT blog had a post dated Wednesday afternoon (in that time zone) saying "Slashdot down...So is this what the end of the world looks like? It certainly is a first to my knowledge. Good luck guys!"

Another blogger said simply, "SourceForge is down." And the site for a Scotland-based software start-up called MonAmi that hosts its downloads on SourceForge's servers said, "With some unfortunate timing, it looks like the 'Axis of Openness' Web pages (SourceForge, Slashdot, Freshmeat) have gone for a burton. There seems to be some networking problems with these sites, with Web traffic timing out...This is a pain because we've just done the v0.10 release of MonAmi, and both the Web site and the file download locations are hosted by SourceForge.""


Submission + - Best Way to Start Programming? 1

Caboosian writes: Recently, I've become interested in programming. I have friends and family who are programmers, and when I ask what the best way to break into programming is, they all recommend various languages and tell me to Google for a tutorial. Despite many attempts at starting into Python, Java, or recently C#, I am yet to understand even the very basics of coding. Online tutorials are confusing, and my high school doesn't offer any sort of programming class. Am I just incompetent? Am I just finding bad tutorials? Or is there a different, better way to begin coding?

Submission + - Jack Thompson: "School Shooting Expert" (

Steeltalon writes: According to Kotaku, Jack Thompson is repeating his fast, unsupported, diatribe from the Virginia Tech Massacre. Appearing once again on Fox News as a "School Shooting Expert", he has declared that the shooter at Northern Illinois University was inspired by games like Counter Strike, despite a lack of any public evidence to back up this claim.

So when is his disbarment going to go through?

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