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Comment Re:5 years old news ? (Score 1) 158

Canon puts the stabilization in the lens for a good reason. Sensor-based stabilization is only useful on point-and-shoot cameras or mirrorless cameras with electronic viewfinders

Well, I think the folks at Sony, who make fine DSLR cameras with sensor based stabilization, would disagree with you on this point. I suspect the GP is a Sony fan. I prefer Canon myself but I also stand by my assertion that either way is a legit method with different trade offs

Comment Re:5 years old news ? (Score 1) 158

how Canon manage to sell small megapixel non-stabilized sensors with low ISO today

Canon puts the stabilization in the lens instead of the sensor and that's a legit design trade off; I'm sure they're sad you don't agree. My Canon's ISO goes to 25600 in normal modes and 102400 in emergencies, how high do you want?

Comment Re:Can we say... MODEM speed? (Score 1) 71

It seems to be dynamic. Once the network icon said '3G' and another time it was '2G'. Probably if you're in an area that still has 2G around, that's what you get.

Of course, all this aside, ATT still isn't very friendly to international travel. Earlier this year with T-Mobile I got a text message after arriving in Beijing: "Welcome to China, you get unlimited text and 2G data" as included with my basic plan and it worked great. The best part was that it tunneled somehow through the Great Firewall. Google, etc, that are blocked for locals was not on my phone.

Comment Re:Dictionary Definition of Autopilot (Score 1) 277

"a device that steers a ship, aircraft, or spacecraft in place of a person" -- Merriam-Webster

Gee, how could anyone be confused about that?

Just this morning I saw a large Honda clearly labeled "Pilot". Somehow, I wasn't confused into thinking it was going to the airport to steer an aircraft.

In all fairness, the typical sales rep in China will tell the customer all manner of nonsense to land the sale. I wouldn't be surprised if an undercover expose shows them leading buyers to think the car is fully autonomous.

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