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Submission + - Facebook Posts Private Inbox Messages to Public Wall (

An anonymous reader writes: One of the usual 'Post this on your wall!' messages floating around Facebook is turning out to be frighteningly true.

Apparently for many users, Facebook began moving inbox messages from around 2009 or earlier to users' Public wall. Viewable on the Timeline as 'Wall Posts', by scrolling down through 'Earlier Posts', many users are complaining that parts of private conversations- or entire conversations- are clearly visible. Some users are reporting only their Friends replies are visible, while some say the entire conversation is visible on their Public Wall.

A short term fix seems to be manually selecting the 'Wall Posts' from each year and marking them as 'Hide from Timeline', but this raises serious concerns about Facebook's privacy controls and practices. Sharing public information is one thing, but this gross violation of personal privacy is a clear threat to many users. Everything from romantic letters to personal phone numbers to private family events has been sent through the 'private' messaging system.

Facebook may tout data sharing as its raison d'etre, but even e-mail is presumed to be privileged communication. Facebook's latest privacy blunder seems likely to have a serious impact on their goals to become a 'total communications platform', integrating Skype, Messenger, and e-mail functions.

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