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Comment My Dad was obsessed (Score 4, Interesting) 351

with Doom. I remember him working through the levels on nightmare mode working his way down through the weapons. So the final games he played were only using his fists. He said the trick was to maximize the screen so he couldn't see his health, that way he didn't hesitate. Prior to that, we would play deathmatch over the two phone lines we had. Before long, I would only agree to play him if I got the "fast" 486SX and he played on the 386. And he couldn't use the damn rocket launcher.

Comment Re:Be there for the kid! (Score 1) 174

personally, i have trouble remembering stuff that happened recently, no matter how memorable it may seem at the time. for those moments, i'm glad i took copious amounts of photos. heck, looking back at pictures of when i was a teen, half of them i can't remember the actual event happening. so yeah, take as many photos as you can stand, *then* sit back and enjoy what's happening.

Philadelphia Hackers and Others Offer Brotherly Love To Fallen Robot 142

An anonymous reader writes: Since a hitchhiking robot was destroyed in Philadelphia over the weekend, there has been an overwhelming show of support according to its co-creators Frauke Zeller and David Smith. Makers from all over Philly have reached out and offered to help rebuild the robot. "We'll say that at this moment, if we get the OK from the creators to repair or replace the needed parts for HitchBOT, we'll be happy to do so," wrote Georgia Guthrie, executive director for a local makerspace called The Hacktory. "If not, we understand and we may just build ourselves a HitchBot2 to send along on its journey. We feel it's the least we can do to let everyone, especially the Robot community, know that Philly isn't so bad."

Keurig Stock Drops, Says It Was Wrong About DRM Coffee Pods 369

An anonymous reader writes: Green Mountain (Keurig) stock dropped by 10% this morning after a brutal earnings report. The reason? CNN Money reports that DRM has weakened sales of their Keurig 2.0. CEO Brian Kelley admits, "Quite honestly, we were wrong." Last year Green Mountain decided to make their new coffee machines work with licensed pods only. The company says they now plan to license more outside brands, and bring back “My K-Cup” reusable filters.

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