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Open Source

Submission + - Invasion of the Tiny, Linux-Powere (

jrepin writes: "Bigger may be better if you're from Texas, but it's becoming increasingly clear to the rest of us that it really is a small world after all. Case in point? None other than what one might reasonably call the invasion of tiny Linux PCs going on all around us. Where's it all going? That's what Linux bloggers have been pondering in recent days."

Submission + - The Words That Could Land You on Homeland Security's Watch List (

HSNnews writes: "

The Department of Homeland Security monitors thousands of websites for suspicious activity, including social networks like Twitter and Facebook. As part of a freedom of information request made by the watchdog group Electronic Privacy Information Center, DHS was recently forced to publish a list of hundreds of words and terms that it looks out for on social media sites."


Submission + - Windows 8 Release Preview Download Availability on May 31st – Hinted By Ac (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that is going to be available for download earlier than expected. The original Microsoft’s plan was to release Windows 8 Release Preview the first week of June, but now in a poorly timed from Microsoft MSDN blog post (that was quickly removed) hinted the Release Preview availability for May 31st.

Submission + - Sky Broadband blocks access to The Pirate Bay ahead of 1 June deadline ( 1

concertina226 writes: Internet service provider Sky Broadband has blocked access to The Pirate Bay, following similar moves by Virgin Media and Everything Everywhere.

High Court judge Mr Justice Arnold ruled in April that UK internet service providers (ISPs) must block access to the file-sharing website, on the basis that it “infringes copyright on a massive scale” by providing magnet links to movies, music and other media content.

ISPs were reportedly given different time limits for complying with the order. Sky has acted ahead of its 1 June deadline. O2 and TalkTalk said they are still working to implement the ban and BT, which asked for extra time to make the necessary arrangements, is expected to act within the next fortnight, according to BBC News.


Submission + - Next Generation Xbox and Playstation Consoles Will Have Optical Drives (

dintech writes: The Wall Street Journal reports that while Sony conisidered online only content distribution for its next generation Playstation, the manufacturer has decided that the new console will include an optical drive after all. Microsoft is also planning to include an optical disk drive in the successor to its Xbox 360 console as the software company had concerns about access to Internet bandwidth.
The Internet

Submission + - German Cable ISP First to Deliver 4700Mbps Internet Connection (

Mark.JUK writes: "It's enough to make grown IT workers cry. German cable operator Kabel Deutschland claims to have become the "first" provider to successfully achieve a real-world internet connection speed of 4700Mbps (Megabits per second) after they hooked up to a local Schools test account in the city of Schwerin. The ISP, which usually delivers more modest speeds of up to 100Mbps to home subscribers, used its upgraded 862MHz network, channel bonding and the EuroDocsis 3.0 standard to achieve the stated performance. But don't expect to get this kind of speed tomorrow, right now there's no demand for it among home users and you probably couldn't afford the bandwidth anyway."

Submission + - Kaspersky Antivirus Use Linux To Rescue Windows (

dgharmon writes: What you see in the above image is a Gentoo based live cd with KDE, that Kaspersky calls Rescue Disk. This tool is dedicated to the restoration of Windows operating systems by scanning and removing viruses, Trojan and malware from infected PCs.

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