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Comment Re: Are we there yet? (Score 1) 203

Oh I know about the US acting across borders.
I had to sign a form from my bank saying that I'm not a US citizen, and have no financial ties to the US just to keep my account. Complying with US financial law on top of local laws is simply too much of a hassle for most non-US banks.

This is a new thing so it stands to reason that they try it out locally before making the rest of the world miserable. Besides, after the Snowden leaks and a successful challenge to the Safe Harbor agreement, the EU for one is a lot less keen on sharing financial information of their citizens.

Comment Re:Monitized! (Score 1) 25

To me "tech product enthusiasts" conjures up the image of mindless consumers of pointless gadgets and those who market to them. People who have sold out long ago. At least they still have their Wifi kettles to keep them warm at night.

Comment Re:Big news (Score 1) 214

You're right. Other manufacturers are equally guilty.
Where you're wrong is in stating that Volkswagen knew nothing about the defeat device. Clearly parts of VW knew, and if management didn't it was willful ignorance. That's the kind of sophistry that makes me suspicious of your motives.

I'm glad at least one manufacturer is being punished for their transgressions. It's a start.

Comment Re:Big news (Score 1) 214

Your post doesn't have the hallmarks of a regular troll, your reasoning is both well-worded and a lie. VW doesn't have the cult following of fanboys that certain elecronic products enjoy...
I'm beginning to suspect that VW is actually hiring these shills to clean up their reputation.

Tell us AC, how much do you get paid per post?

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