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Comment Re:Supervise your own kid (Score 1) 561

You people disgust me. You go through the trouble of having a kid and yet you want to leave the responsibilty to big corporation. If you can't bother to spend time browsing the web with your kid, don't have one.

You disgust me. You want to express your opinion to a lot of people at the same time, but you use a corporate web site to do it. If you can't bother to spend time talking to many people in person, keep your opinion to yourself.

Comment Re:Sad day (Score 1) 156

I have a smartphone, but what I loved about Google 411 is with my in-car bluetooth it only took a button push on my steering wheel plus some voice commands to call any business, all while my phone is still in my pocket.

Comment They really need PDF upload. (Score 1) 210

It's a bummer that they still don't allow PDFs to be uploaded. I use Google Docs to store stuff that I used to "print for my records." Having command line interface to upload PDFs would be one step closer to a virtual printer that would just store in Google Docs as PDF. Now that I think if it, they're probably just holding it off while they prepare new interfaces for Google Cloud Print.

Comment Re:Ink is not expensive to make. (Score 1) 651

Paints and coatings aren't applied in drops of 10 nanograms after sitting around, UNMIXED, on a shelf for two years, and then test to 200 year life for colorfastness. Making good ink is hard. You're a complete blowhard to think that your expertise in any way qualifies you to speak intelligently about an almost completely unrelated industry.

By the way... why is it so expensive? Because people will pay it. Why isn't the ink raw material you're familiar with more expensive? Because people won't pay it. If you don't like it, find some other way of getting your bits on paper, or better yet, send an email.

Comment Re:What HP's Palm Purchase Really Means (Score 1) 170

If this were just about Win7 sucking at tablet, HP would have gone with Android..

Android isn't a tablet OS. It's a phone OS. If you spend enough time playing with it, the fact becomes abundantly clear. Even people who work for Google couldn't make it work well for anything but a phone. That's why Chrome was created. If you really look at what hardware is and is not supported in Android, and look at the limitations of the UI, you can see that it would make a very, very disappointing tablet. For all the complaints about the limitations of the iPad, complaints about an Android tablet will be worse.

Comment He's got company... (Score 1) 643

Woz must realize what the release of the iPad signifies: The company he once built now, officially, no longer exists.

Too bad Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard are dead. They could sympathize.

Comment The reason there is no camera (Score 2, Insightful) 750

I gave some thought to why there's no video camera. I mean, it seems obvious that this thing should have a camera, right? And the teardown shows exactly where the camera was supposed to go.

I bet the software wasn't ready yet. Apple couldn't get the software ready in time for launch so they pulled the camera out. If they had left it in then they would have to open up its functionality to Skype and every other app writer who wants to put out video chat functionality. By putting the camera (in iPad 2nd generation) and the software on the same schedule, Apple makes video chat part of the core functionality of the device and gets to lock out every other video chat app.

Now the question remains as to why the software wasn't ready, seeing as how iChat would seem to be a fairly easy port to the iPad. Maybe they have something new and cool in mind for video chat? Or maybe there were some carrier restrictions. In any case, be thankful that they couldn't include the camera or right now you'd be at Starbucks trying to read Slashdot on your laptop while listening to some hipster having a video conversation with his hipster friend at the Starbucks on the other side of the street.

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