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Comment Re:Oh please (or tales from the front line) (Score 1) 380

I know of a user who just last week replaced Microsoft's broken Java from years ago (remember when Sun won that lawsuit against Microsoft?) with Sun's Java (which now also has the Oracle name on it) -- it was like pulling teeth, but they finally agreed to update it so that they could get on a web site that uses a Java applet.

Comment Re:The perfect troll. (Score 1) 380

Visitors arrived either through ... through advertisements on other sites, and Aptiquant made a note of which browser each test taker was using.

I've clicked on many of those I.Q. test advertisements and answered them, just for fun. I found them very easy (because the questions were ridiculously simple), so if these were the same tests then that means I effectively "voted for Opera" at least 30 times during the past 12 months. (For those who scored really low on those tests, I prefer to assume that they were just drunk or high.)

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