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Comment It's funny, but true, and there is a solution (Score 1) 831

Obviously that's a joke, but it's also a serious problem in some instances. If you have a case-insensitive filesystem filling your whole disk partition and need to test case-sensitive applications, you can create a case-sensitive disk image using Disk Utility or hdiutil, then test your app on that. I had to do this in Subversion recently while troubleshooting a problem that had all the symptoms of a case-insensitivity problem.

Comment Umm... isn't this a good thing? (Score 1) 257

No porn sites that exist currently use .xxx. Any who choose to use .xxx for marketing, SEO, etc. may do so, and they don't have to forfeit their current domains to do it. On top of that, any porn sites that choose to abide by any and all filtering that is desired by corporations or governments can now do so easily by only hosting on .xxx.

Nobody says you HAVE to host porn on .xxx. It's an *option*.

Options are good, right? I mean, it's not like we're losing redtube or whatever.

Comment locate isn't a good solution (Score 1) 361

I'm a big fan of locate if only because of its speed compared to other tools, but unless you have all of your metadata stored in the folders and filenames it's not going to be much help. With any elegant solution to this problem, you couldn't "locate -i 'Bruce Willis'" and find a list of media that he was involved with.

Comment Totally sucks about WinFS (Score 1) 361

I was really looking forward to WinFS. Having abandoned windows for my personal needs but still having to support it, I was really looking forward to having a database layer on the filesystem. Sure sucks that they gave it up, along with several other key features in Vista. *Hopefully* they get around to it some day though, because the indexing service sucks serious balls, and that whole framework is pretty inferior.

Comment Minimize vs Hide (Score 1) 797

As a linux user who long since gave up the GUI and switched to Mac OS X for those things, I have found that the minimize function is far less useful than the "hide application" function built into OS X. I rarely minimize anything, but I hide things frequently.

OS X features aside, I don't agree with taking away the option to minimize. Just because you have a bad ass hammer doesn't mean you'll never need a screwdriver.

Comment Amended platter removal terms (Score 2) 376

They later amended the platter removal terms with the following text, but still nobody accepted it.

If the challenger is an established data recovery business located in the United States of America (We would need to see Articles of Incorporation, a current business license and one other form of business identification in order to determine that they are indeed a professional, for-profit, established data recovery business) or a National government law enforcement or intelligence agency (NSA, CIA, FBI), then we will allow these type of organizations to disassemble the drive and to keep the drive for thirty (30) consecutive days.

Comment Malaysia? (Score 1) 840

I'm not well versed in Malaysian law, but I found Malaysia to be pretty forgiving to non-Malaysians in regards to Sharia law. IIRC they judge their muslim citizens by Sharia law, but expats are allowed more freedoms. I personally loved Malaysia and felt no oppression when I was there, and was amazed to find that it was so Islamic when my plane landed.

Malaysia is over 60% muslim, which is coincidental because 60% of the world's muslim population lives in Asia, whereas only 20% is in the middle east.

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