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Submission + - WHO: Cell Phones Are "Possibly Carcinogenic" (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: Whether or not cell phones cause brain cancer is a question that's been debated (but not answered) for years, and today the World Health Organization (WHO) stepped into the fray. A WHO committee that evaluates various potential cancer-causing agents concluded that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including cell phones, are "possibly carcinogenic" to people.

Submission + - WHO Declares Cell Phones to be Class 2B Carcinogen (inhabitat.com) 2

lucidkoan writes: Today the World Health Organization declared electromagnetic radiation from cell phones to be a class 2B carcinogen (pdf) — the same classification as lead, auto exhaust, and the pesticide DDT. The announcement was spurred by a series of studies peer-reviewed by a team of 31 scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, who found that radiation emitted by cell phones is "possibly carcinogenic to humans".

Submission + - Swiss court finds tracking p2p illegal (wordpress.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A swiss court has declared the activities of Logistep AG to track down the IP addresses of P2P transactions at the request of rights holders to be illegal and has ordered the arrest of its director.

Submission + - UVB-76 in a frenzy (blogspot.com) 1

luder writes: Russian shortwave radio station UVB-76 has been in a heap of activity, lately. After several voice messages were heard in August, the buzzer went silent on September 1st, when it appears to have entered maintenance mode. Unusual activity followed on September 2nd, alternating transmissions of morse code, buzzing and a short clip of Dance of the Little Swans, from Swan Lake ballet [mp3 file]. More voice transmissions were received, mostly people counting, and someone saying "[I am] on site, working, but she is weak". The interest in the station seems to have skyrocketed, particularly thanks to a 4chan message, posted in the end of May, where someone claimed UVB-76 would initiate the detonation of a nuclear device in South Korea, in early September. Some people with access to shortwave radio transmitters have been starting pirate transmissions at the UVB-76 frequency, broadcasting music, morse code with personal messages and voice messages trying to pass as genuine transmissions. uvb-76.net is providing live streams as received 900km NW from the station, in case you wish to join the bandwagon.
Data Storage

Preserving Memories of a Loved One? 527

An anonymous reader writes "My wife is dying of metastatic (stage 4) cancer. Statistically she has between one and two years left. I have pre-teen daughters. I'm looking for innovative ideas on how to preserve memories of their mother and my wife so that years down the road we don't forget the things we all tend to forget about a person as time passes. I have copious photos and am taking as much HD video as I can without being a jerk, so images and sounds are taken care of (and backed up securely). I'm keeping a private blog of simple daily events that help me remember the things in between the hospitalizations and treatments. In this digital age what other avenues are there for preserving memories? Non-digital suggestions would be welcome, too."

Submission + - Google execs convicted for Italy autism video (itnews.com.au)

schliz writes: A court in Milan, Italy has handed down six-month suspended jail terms to three Google executives for violating the privacy of an Italian boy with autism by letting a video of him being bullied be posted on its site in 2006.

Google will appeal verdict, saying that it "poses a crucial question for the freedom on which the internet is built". It says that hosting platforms like Google Video, YouTube and Facebook do not create their own content and cannot be held responsible for content that others upload.

The Courts

Submission + - Judge rules TorrentSpy destroyed evidence (arstechnica.com) 2

Come play kdice writes: "A federal judge has handed the MPAA a resounding victory in its copyright infringement lawsuit against TorrentSpy. Judge Florence-Marie Cooper entered a default judgment against Justin Bunnell and the rest of named defendants in Columbia Pictures et al. v. Justin Bunnell et al. after finding that TorrentSpy "engaged in widespread and systematic efforts to destroy evidence" and lying under oath about said destruction. After being sued, TorrentSpy mounted a vigorous defense, including a countersuit it filed against the MPAA in May 2006, but, behind the scenes, the court documents paint a picture of a company desperately trying to bury any and all incriminating evidence. TorrentSpy has announced its intention to appeal, but its conduct makes a reversal unlikely."

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