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Submission + - Best modern hardware to run Windows XP

tobyp writes: "I need to update the hardware in a handful of computers running Windows XP. I do not have the option of using a more modern version of Windows because these machines are used in a recording studio and have customised PCI boards which won't work with Vista/7. I need at least two "normal" PCI slots, an IDE interface (they have to work with a particular model of Plextor CD-RW drive), mirrored SATA hard drives and generally as much stability as possible. My first attempt took a lot of time because although I tried to follow the instructions to load the correct drivers during the Windows install (both using a floppy and creating a slip-streamed SP3 CD) I could not get the SATA RAID working and had to settle for using the disks in IDE mode. So who is the best for really stable XP drivers for their new hardware? Any other tips or recommendations?"

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