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Comment Re: IMHO (Score 1) 171

You still have to work at fixed hours, sometimes stuck on a silly shifts, with the stress of dealing immediately with many requests as they come in, and even by the end of your career you'll be happy if you even reach 6 figures.

Developers on the other hand have an easy life, working whenever they please, and get paid a lot more from the get-go.

Comment Re: The list sucks (Score 1) 114

Modern anime target obsessive fans, which are typically young adults. They're the ones that buy Blurays, books and other related material of the extended universe (most anime is adapted from what they call "light novels").

There are also a few shows that do target children, because they're either associated with toys or are just a big franchise with big bucks that can put in the marketing necessary to grasp a kid's attention's span.

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