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Comment Re:there are Programmers then here are PROGRAMMERS (Score 1) 597

Interpreter code is quite simple; what you mostly do is analyze and tokenize a text stream. 64k is a really generous amount of RAM for that task if you are at least a half decent coder with some Assembler experience. Ages ago I did elaborate string processing on an 8086 using Assembler, within a 64k shared code/data segment. It's really not hard if you know how the underlying processor architecture behaves, which in turn is a requirement for actually programming in Assembler.

Comment Re:The client is not the expensive bit (Score 1) 349

With your advertisement for expensive proprietary software you do one thing exceptionally well: totally miss the point.

The article author wants to boot an operating system via PXE, with no OS actually being present on the client. Even if he were to do it the traditional "remote login" way, the OS on the clients doesn't matter, nor is it visible at all, only the server OS.

Comment Re:Pizza Analogy (Score 1) 277

Funny that I didn't manage to get a pizza with chorizo in southern Spain; the few pizzerias I found were only serving American style-something. BTW as a German I associated peperoni with bell pepper too, and we have a lot more common words for different members of the Capsicum genus of plants. The big, mild variety is "Paprika", for example.

Comment Re:About Time! (Score 1) 277

It's certainly most feasible for the American version of rural. In Europe, there is not a single square meter untouched by man (except of some areas north of the polar circle) and walking into into a random direction at a random place will make you stand on someone's lawn within half an hour maximum. Obviously, connected water management is the way to go. I saw a few cesspools in a remote village at the southern outskirts of Spain ("remote" meaning a village of 300 being 20 km away from a town of 22000), but tap water was ok.

Comment Re:Pizza Analogy (Score 1) 277

In my experience with Italy, what you get extremely varies with where you go (not only regarding food). You can expect to get good food at the "traditional" places, otherwise it's more grab bag style.

That said, American pizza is different but not worse or better. I like the kind of cheese on American pizza but not the softness of the edge.

Comment Re:Banking INternationally (Score 2, Interesting) 277

Too much censorship of the mass media, too much promotion of consumerism. Watching stupid shows on TV and buying the latest and greatest products is what we westerners are told will make us happy. Well, the happiest people on this planet (according to a statistic I don't remember the name of) are the Colombians. They live in a country ridden by fifty years of civil war and a significant part of the population working 15 hours a day so they can eat. And they still enjoy life more than everyone else on the planet.

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