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Comment Amazon EC 2 IP reputation gets even worse (Score 4, Insightful) 78

It's a good idea, but it'll also creates a hassle with spammers, bots, scrapers and other malicious users that will use Amazon EC2 to do bad stuff.
The IP reputation of Amazon EC2 was already bad (with many services blocking EC2 pre-emptively) now it's going to get even worse.
In the past malicious amazon ec2 users would at least have to put some effort into learning EC2. Now they can just use the TOR layer instead to use amazon IPs.

Comment Re:No. Just No. (Score 1) 391

While this is true. There are quite a few situations that can be calculated. For example, a driver losing falling unconscious / falling asleep would be a perfect example of a system that could kick in and safely slow down the speed of the car. I'm not saying that a system such as this should be trigger-happy, but simply kick in as a last resort.

Submission + - EVE Online targeted by LulzSec ( 1

lordsilence writes: "It seems LulzSec is now targeting CCP Games Hf with a denial of service attack. The extent of this attack is yet not known but the game cluster and website are down at the writing of this post..

A possible reason for targeting CCP could be the affiliation with Sony. CCP recently announced during E3 that their upcoming game Dust514 would be Sony Playstation 3 exclusive."

Comment Mikrotik a possible choice? (Score 4, Interesting) 178

Even though they're suspected GPL offenders (opinions differ) I still have to put in my word for mikrotik. These guys know how to build wifi in rural areas with plenty of subscribers, stable hardware and good software at low cost. Even their cheaper products are very well up to the task and can be expanded upon with different wireless-transmitters and antennas. If that is not enough you can always look at their more "enterprise:ish" products. I've only good things to say about them, and we used their products for well over 5 years when we still ran a WISP.

Comment Upstream (Score 1) 640

How does your upstream contracts work? You could try and see if you can buy traffic per 95th percentile with a commit instead if you need the burst capacity . Then throttle the worst offenders if you notice your 95th percentile going over your commit.

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