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Comment Ingenuity, pushing the limits, dedication (Score 1) 179

As we continually push the limits of computing power the capabilities and expectations have grown in stride. Maybe what can be done with our new hardware is only partially understood by the programmers. From the days of doom to quake to quake 2 to doom 3 the ground that was taken in each programming step marvelled gamers. With limited computing capabilities, only so much time could be spent on certain areas in the programming aspect. Increase the computing power and the capabilities of a game go from a still bmp image to sprites to complex particle systems which change the story from kings quest text at the bottom of the screen to diablo characters to world of warcraft and its thousands of real time character interactions. the point? the programmers need to know what they have within their grasps

Comment Big Business Security (Score 1) 135

If a large corporation's site like the Sony site could be so easily compromised, how are we supposed to guage the level of security of any other site? Another question, if the security of Sony was compromised by using Amazon in some way, doesn't that mean that those who use Amazon are potentially at just as much risk as those who were compromised at Sony? So let's say nono it's a completely different thing, how can you 100% guarantee that? On a more constructive note, how do we eliminate this kind of access in future? My suggestion.... eliminate anonymous internet access permanently.

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