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Comment Re:Just glad I didn't vote for this idiot (Score 1) 569

Right now, the organization "assisting" with the takedowns (LegitScript) is a "private" company run by the former Deputy Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under W.

But yeah, this is clear evidence that Obama is the worst president and that Bush era political appointee motherfuckers were like awesome for the country and stuff.

Comment Re:Here's the world's smallest violin... (Score 1) 249

Sale of *any amount* under 50 kilos gets you a mandatory 5 years. Plus fines.

Distribution of any amount over 5 grams to a minor (under 21 years of age, not 18), OR within 1,000 feet of a school, housing project, youth center, video arcade, public pool, or playground automatically doubles the sentence and whatever fines.

Selling a few joints to a 19 year old? 10 years.
Average sentence for rape in the usa? 6 years.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

And... other sentencing enhancements can easily add a decade onto that.

Comment Re:Got it (Score 4, Insightful) 381

If people want to use the Internet to download massive amounts of p2p content, do they really expect they should pay the same as Grandma who checks her email once a day? Bandwidth is a finite resource, even if we don't believe it.

Yeah, totally. And because of this move, Bell will be cutting the price of grandma's connection by 90%!

Oh wait, it won't, because this really isn't "usage based billing", but both a money grab and an effort to cripple competition even further.
They're charging a dollar a gig, which is quite literally thousands of times the actual cost.

And they're allowed to cripple the speed of wholesale lines while they offer higher speeds to their direct customers.
Never mind that they have all this leverage (in terms of infrastructure and last mile copper) because they were a monopoly until '97.

And sadly, there are more than enough people like you out there to let the telecoms get away with pretty much anything.

This is why our cost for broadband is about twice as much (well, even more now) as it is for people in the USA.

No, the "Canada is less dense and they have to provide to these small villages" argument does not fly because our broadband coverage of rural areas is laughably pathetic and a significant portion of small communities can't get any decent internet access.

And it's just going to get worse, so thanks for being part of that.

Comment Re:Anyone? (Score 0) 479

Being asked to pay $150 a month for truly unlimited internet access isn't that bad of a deal.

The term "entitlement generation" has reached my ears from time to time, and discussions like this one serve to highlight the truth of the matter. Where the hell do you people think all of this capability comes from? Do you think that the cable company just plugs in a router, and all of a sudden "the Internet" just works? I wonder how many network engineers Time Warner employees. I wonder how much those guys make a year. How about field techs? Customer service operators? Sales reps? How much do they have to pay in property taxes and electricity to keep their CO's running?

The term "stupid apologist motherfucker" has reached my ears from time to time and comments like yours really demonstrate that yes, a great many people are actually retarded.

Aside from the fact that $200 billion dollars of public money was spent nearly 20 years ago to upgrade infrastructure (and we got virtually fuckal in terms of improvement), telecomm companies in other countries seem to do well for less. The end user ends up paying much less and they get better service.

And do you know why? It's because stupid cunts such as yourself are willing to bend over and take it, all the while justifying their fucking by comparing the monthly cost to a few hours work.
It's because fuckwits such as yourself are sit on the boards that "oversee" the telecomm companies and let them get away with pretty much everything.

Carry on...

Comment Re:Poetic justice? (Score 1) 689

Capital punishment might not be be a great deterrent for crackheads who rob liquor stores, but I can assure you that if rich white men started dying for perverting the US legal system, there would be changes.

Doesn't matter though, it will never happen. It's not like this is the first case of corruption and judicial malpractice that we've seen. Judges and prosecutors are effectively immune from any sort of ramifications for their actions because the culture of corruption is so deeply entrenched.

This guy just got greedy and failed money laundering 101. Still deserves to dangle from a lamppost.

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