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Submission + - Next 9/11 could be in cyberspace, Senator warns 1

An anonymous reader writes: A Senate bill introduced on Thursday and set for a hearing next Tuesday would, if enacted, establish the Office of Cyberspace Policy within the Executive Office of the President. It would also set up a National Center for Cyber Security and Communications under the Department of Homeland Security.

"The threat of a cyber attack is very real," said Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), who is one of three senators co-sponsoring the bill. "We cannot wait for a cyber 9/11. We have to take action now."

The president would be able to limit communications between a company and the nation a threat was perceived as coming from and would in some cases be allowed to shut part of a system down, according to Sen. Joe Lieberman, another co-sponsor. The bill gives no new surveillance powers to the president or the government, and that the president would not be authorized to take over any private company, Collins said.

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