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Submission + - Fake Steve Jobs fools UK tabloid newspaper (

An anonymous reader writes: UK tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail ran a story this weekend proclaiming Apple is to recall the faulty iPhone 4: the newspaper's source was none other than Apple CEO Steve Jobs, writing on Twitter. Sadly for the Daily Mail it was the fake Steve Jobs' Twitter account and an entirely made-up story. Also sadly for the Daily Mail they didn't realise that until the story had been run on their website for several hours. has the story and the all important screen grabs.

Submission + - Next 9/11 could be in cyberspace, Senator warns 1

An anonymous reader writes: A Senate bill introduced on Thursday and set for a hearing next Tuesday would, if enacted, establish the Office of Cyberspace Policy within the Executive Office of the President. It would also set up a National Center for Cyber Security and Communications under the Department of Homeland Security.

"The threat of a cyber attack is very real," said Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), who is one of three senators co-sponsoring the bill. "We cannot wait for a cyber 9/11. We have to take action now."

The president would be able to limit communications between a company and the nation a threat was perceived as coming from and would in some cases be allowed to shut part of a system down, according to Sen. Joe Lieberman, another co-sponsor. The bill gives no new surveillance powers to the president or the government, and that the president would not be authorized to take over any private company, Collins said.

Submission + - Facebook users clickjacked by Paramore naked pics (

An anonymous reader writes: Hayley Williams, the 21-year-old lead singer of the American rock band Paramore, is once again making waves because of her revealing photographs — but this time because malicious hackers are using the lure of her naked body in a clickjacking attack which has spread widely across Facebook today.

Messages saying "<name> likes Paramore n-a-k-ed photo leaked!" have been appearing on thousands of users' Facebook profiles, in the latest exploitation of the site's controversial "Like" facility.

According to security blogger Graham Cluley, who provides instructions on how to identify and clean-up the infection, "Facebook needs to tighten up the way it handles the 'liking' of external webpages before it is even more widely abused by malicious hackers and spammers."

Meanwhile, the cybercriminals are adopting another tactic for those victims who do not fit into the demographic of users likely to be interested in Hayley Williams' naked torso, by offering the phone number and address of teen heart throb Justin Bieber.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Ugly Plumber Syndrome (

averyzoe writes: What is Ugly Plumber Syndrome, you ask, and is it fatal? Ugly Plumber Syndrome is a debilitating condition whereby the female characters in video games are shapely and attractive and all-around pleasant to look at, whereas the male characters are...not. It is not fatal, but it does appear chronic. Ever since the Nintendo Corporation brought us that first wonderful Mario game we have suffered silently, watching despondently as our brothers gleefully rescued the comely Princess Peach, while the only eye candy we were offered consisted of ugly plumbers.

Submission + - Telecom plan to take over the internet isn't real 1

wiredog writes: The Telcos' Secret Anti-Net Neutrality Strategy is actually a student project.

The "No Net Brutality" campaign idea was one of the four finalists created as an assignment for a two-and-a-half week "think tank MBA" program. The other finalists were a project promoting free speech in Venezuela, one supporting education reform in Poland, and one dealing with sales taxes rates in Washington, D.C. ("No Net Brutality" came in third. The Polish reform idea won.)


US Needs Secure Coding Office 236

Trailrunner7 writes "If the United States wants to remain competitive in the global economy and prevent widespread penetrations of its strategic, corporate, and commercial networks, enterprises and government agencies should stop relying on commercial software and go back to writing more of their own custom code. 'If we're going to maintain our place in the world, software is not a strategic problem, it is the strategic problem going forward,' security expert Marcus Ranum said in a speech Tuesday. 'Covert penetration becomes something that you think about on a five, 10, or 20-year scale. Why don't we have a government coding office? We have a government printing office. Why don't we have a strategic software reserve? Our own software is probably a greater threat to us than anything other people can do to us.'"

Submission + - Facebook Defect Exposed Private Chats (

PatPending writes: Facebook Inc. scrambled to fix a software flaw that gave users' unintended access to their friends' private instant messages.

The latest bug, which also revealed a user's pending friend requests, was buried in a feature that allows account holders to see whether certain parts of their profile are hidden or accessible to one of their friends.

The popular Internet hangout Wednesday temporarily shut down its instant-messaging function while it investigated the problem and patched its system.

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