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Submission + - KDE's Oxygen Wallpaper contest winners announced (

Franz Keferboeck writes: "KDE's Oxygen team finally published the outcome of the August-announced wallpaper contest on Riccardo Iaconelli's blog. The decision defines what a brand new vanilla KDE desktop's face will look like to thousands of users (Although the actual default image, which will be one of the 15 winner submissions, is not yet announced yet)."

Submission + - Fedora 8 officially released ( 1

Cat in the Hat writes: Fedora 8 has been officially released. Ars Technica has a run-down of what's new in Fedora 8, including the PulseAudio sound daemon, Nodoka visual style, and a new authentication system. 'Another major change in Fedora 8 is the new PolicyKit authentication system that makes authority escalation more secure. Instead of providing root access to an entire program when it needs higher privileges, PolicyKit makes it possible to isolate individual operations that require higher privileges and put them into system services that can be accessed through D-Bus. Another advantage of PolicyKit is that it will give administrators more control over which users and programs have access to individual operations that use escalated privileges.'

Submission + - Redhat sued for Patent Infringement

tqft writes: "
"The first ever patent infringement litigation regarding Linux. Here's the patent, for those who can look at it without risk. If in doubt, don't. "
For those who can without fear read a patent:,072,412

"Plaintiffs IP Innovation and Technology Licensing Corp. claim to have the rights to U.S. Patent No. 5,072,412 for a User Interface with Multiple Workspaces for Sharing Display System Objects issued Dec. 10, 1991 along with two other similar patents.

Get your game faces on. Party Time."

Submission + - Linspire CNR Promises to Change Linux Forever (

showMONEY writes:'s Matt Hartley discusses the impact of Linspire's new CNR is going to have on Linux. He writes, "We have been hearing about it for sometime now. But finally, after what feels like forever, a spark of life is being shown from within Linspire headquarters and even though there has been no official announcement just yet, word is that we will be seeing signs of life from the new CNR version here fairly soon. How soon? For Linspire and Freespire, in a matter of a few days to a week, I suspect.
Linux Business

Submission + - Freespire 2- GNU/Linux for the masses (

An anonymous reader writes: Following the release of Linspire 6 the GNU/Linux distribution aimed at the masses called Freespire 2 has been released. The new version contains updates to core utilities, lesser known packages, and essential non-free software, codecs, and drivers. While most of the in-house/sponsored software is nothing new the edition has lost the annoying advertising of past and improved ease of use. It is stripped down with just the essentials and a limited amount of non-free software for transitioning users. Additional non-free software requires user involvement and must be downloaded through CNR.

Submission + - Linspire CEO Resigns (

An anonymous reader writes: As reported in a article August 5th 2007, Kevin Carmony resigned from Linspire, Inc. on July 31st to pursue other opportunities.

While he may be leaving Linspire, Carmony said, "I will always be a big supporter of Linspire and desktop Linux." And, "I will always be a desktop Linux user."

The newly elected President and CEO Larry Kettler has been with Linspire since 2001 and served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. Kettler brings over 20 years of software and hardware experience working with national and international technology sales and marketing, helping build technology companies from the ground up with his leadership and expertise.

The team at Linspire is currently focused on the imminent launch of Freespire 2.0,, and Linspire 6.0.

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