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Submission + - Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches (consumerist.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon has received a patent that shows what drones may be doing when they're not flying throughout the sky delivering packages: sitting on lampposts and church steeples. "Amazon was recently awarded a patent for docking and recharging stations that would be built on tall, existing structures like lampposts, cell towers, or church steeples," reports The Consumerist. "Once the drone is done making a delivery, it would be able to land on the station, recharge and refuel, as well as pick up additional packages." A "central control system" would then be able to control each docking station and connect the docked drone(s) with a local or regional packaged handling center or central facility. Based on weather or package data, the drones may be commanded accordingly. The patent says the system will not only provide directions based to the drone, but will have the ability to redirect the unmanned aerial vehicle based on the most favorable conditions, such as a route with less wind. The patent describes a system in which the drone delivers a package to the platform that then moves the item via a "vacuum tube, dumbwaiter, elevator, or conveyor to the ground level." From there, the package could be transferred to an Amazon Locker or a local delivery person. The docking stations could also act as cell towers that “provide local free or fee-based Wi-Fi services. This can enable cities to provide free Wi-Fi in public parks, buildings, and other public areas without bearing the burden of installing some, or all, of the necessary infrastructure.”

Submission + - Pirate Bay Blockade Censors CloudFlare Customers (torrentfreak.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: The blockade of the Pirate Bay by UK ISPs is causing trouble for CloudFlare customers. Several websites have been inadvertently blocked by Sky because a Pirate Bay proxy is hosted behind the same IP-addresses. In a response, CloudFlare threatened to disconnect the proxy site from its network.

Like any form of censorship web blockades can sometime lead to overblocking, targeting perfectly legitimate websites by mistake.

This is also happening in the UK where Sky’s blocking technology is inadvertently blocking sites that have nothing to do with piracy.

Submission + - Former MLB Pitcher Doxes Internet Trolls, Delivers Real-World Consequences

An anonymous reader writes: When Twitter trolls began posting obscene, sexually explicit comments about his teenage daughter, former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling responded by recording their comments and gathering personal information readily available to the public. He then doxxed two of them on his blog, resulting in one being suspended from his community college and the other being fired from his part-time job as a ticket seller for the New York Yankees. There were seven others in Curt's crosshairs, all college athletes, but although he hasn't publicly doxxed those individuals he hints, 'I found it rather funny at how quickly tone changed when I heard via email from a few athletes who’d been suspended by their coaches. Gone was the tough guy tweeter, replaced by the "I’m so sorry apology used by those only sorry because they got caught.'

Submission + - #metalgate explodes as SJWs attack heavy metal (deathmetal.org)

hessian writes: It is easy to see however why someone might want to — as writers have in the past — call heavy metal conservative. Metal avoids “social issues” and other internal questions of a society and instead looks at the health of a society as a whole, or in other words, how sane it is. We see a world gone insane through a refusal to pay attention to reality. The methods of that are beyond an artistic genre and should be injected into it, but since 2006 at least trying to reform metal has been a pet project of SJWs.

Submission + - China Attempts to Clone Colonial Williamsburg, Replicates Williamsburg, Brooklyn (inhabitat.com)

An anonymous reader writes: China’s copycat architecture trend has been well documented – so far the nation has built full-scale replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, and even an entire Austrian village. However when Chinese developer AuthentiCity Ltd. sought to recreate the historic hamlet of Colonial Williamsburg, it wound up with something else entirely – an exact replica of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Submission + - Fans of original RoboCop movie recreate movie scene by scene

Misagon writes: Our RoboCop Remake is a fan-made scene-by-scene comedy re-creation of the original RoboCop from 1987.

"As big fans of the original RoboCop, and as filmmakers and film fans admittedly rolling our eyes at the Hollywood remake machine, we've elected to do this remake thing our own way."

The fan-film is available for free online viewing at OurRoboCopRemake.com. It contains (fake) nudity, blood and gore making it definitely NSFW

Submission + - You Are Still Legally Dead, Judge Tells Plaintiff 5

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: The Courier of Findlay Ohio reports that Judge Allan Davis ruled that 61-year-old Donald Eugene Miller Jr. is still legally dead, eight years having passed since Miller disappeared from his Arcadia rental home in 1986 and three years after the legal limit for changing a death ruling passed in 1994. Miller told the court he was an alcoholic who was unsure what to do after losing his job and left Hancock County sometime before 1990. "My paycheck was being taken away from me and I had nothing left," Miller said. "It kind of went further than I ever expected it to. I just kind of took off, ended up in different places." Now Miller says he would like to start his life again, or "whatever's left of it" and asked the court to reverse its 1994 death ruling so he can reinstate his canceled Social Security number and driver's license. "My client's here on a wing and a prayer today," said his attorney, Francis Marley. The court said no. Miller's ex-wife, Robin Miller, had asked for the death ruling so Social Security death benefits could be paid to their two children and she opposed his request for a change in the death ruling, because she does not want to repay the Social Security benefits. Judge Davis referred to Donald Miller's case as a "strange, strange situation." "We've got the obvious here. A man sitting in the courtroom, he appears to be in good health," said the Judge. "I don't know where that leaves you, but you're still deceased as far as the law is concerned." Miller has 30 days to appeal the court’s ruling, according Judge Davis.

Submission + - Snowden Shortlisted as One of Three for EU's Sakharov Award 1

An anonymous reader writes: BBC reports Snowden has been shortlisted as one of three for this year's Sakharov Prize — EU's top human rights award. Quoting BBC:

"Mr Snowden was nominated by Green politicians in the European Parliament for leaking details of US surveillance."

"Mr Snowden's nomination recognised that his disclosure of US surveillance activities was an "enormous service" to human rights and European citizens, the parliament's Green group said."

Submission + - Hacker who breached Zuckerberg's facebook account to get US12k

RemyBR writes: The Palestinian hacker Khalil Shreateh, who broke into the Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline to expose a security lapse will be awarded nearly $12,000 but not from Facebook, it will come from an online crowdsourced campaign.

'Let us all send a message to security researchers across the world and say that we appreciate the efforts they make for the good of everyone.', said Marc Maiffret, CTO of BeyondTrust and the starter of the campaign.

It's still possible to donate on the campaign website.

Submission + - Steve Wozniak dislikes new Steve Jobs Biopic (cnn.com)

TrollheartBlue writes: In an interview with Piers Morgan, Wozniak claims that the new Jobs biopic falls flat. His reasoning is that the movie "doesn't capture the brilliance or intensity of Jobs." Wozniak doesn't mind that nearly all of the scenes never actually occurred, but rather that the scenes lacked a lot of significant meaning behind them. Most important to him, he remarks that he was the one who introduced Jobs to Bob Dylan and that he didn't own any Beatle albums. All in all he summarizes, "It wasn't a quality film and it wasn't an Apple quality product."

Submission + - German Government Warns Windows 8 is an Unacceptable Security Risk (www.zeit.de)

An anonymous reader writes: Die Zeit has access to leaked documents from the German government warning that Windows 8 is an unacceptable security risk for sensitive workloads. The story is written in German here: http://www.zeit.de/digital/datenschutz/2013-08/trusted-computing-microsoft-windows-8-nsa but automatic translators (such as Google Translate) do a readable job. Particularly of concern is the inability to opt out of TPM 2.0 usage.

Submission + - Guy DDoS's his old boss and gets caught (krebsonsecurity.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Brian Krebs writes about a story abouy a hacker who gets caught doing DDoS attacks against his former employer. He ends up learning the hard way what NOT to do when launching DDoS attacks using Booter services.

Submission + - German goverment warns of Windows 8 (www.zeit.de)

An anonymous reader writes: The German newpaper "Die ZEIT" has published an article, saying the German Government has officially warned from using Windows 8. (No, this is no joke.) The warning was more issued towards the official agencies. The main reason quoted was that Windows 8 has NSA backdoors for espionage.
"Windows 8 is an unacceptable security risk for companies and authorities, experts warn the government. The so-called Trusted Computing is a back door for the NSA."

Just last year the German Government has given an official warning not to use MS Internet Explorer, for similar reasons, that it was not secure.

Submission + - NSA doesn't know what Snowden took. (nbcnews.com) 8

WOOFYGOOFY writes: Part of the assurances the NSA has given Congress and the public that the databases of internet activity can't be abused is that each database access is carefully audited and recorded. The NSA claims such audit trails are both deterrents to abuse and sure methods of catching abuse post hoc.

However, as reported by NBC News, " two separate sources briefed on the matter told NBC News that the NSA has been unable to determine the full extent of the data he removed." NBC goes on to report that "NSA had poor data compartmentalization", permitting sys admins "to roam freely across wide areas.".

The article characterizes the NSA as " “overwhelmed" trying to account for what Snowden took" . While another source said the "NSA has a poor audit capability, which is frustrating efforts to complete a damage assessment."

How unattractive a picture is going to be painted before this is over ? Poor audit trails is a wide open door to abuse, and further directly contradicts — yet again- the assurances public officials have made to Congress.

For those of us who consider that the NSA performs a desperately needed function in fighting people who want to destroy the basis of civil society itself, I want to ask the question- have you lost faith in the integrity of the intelligence gathering process and what could the NSA and the administration do to restore and maintain your faith?

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