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'If KickassTorrents is a Criminal Operation, Google Should Start Worrying' ( 106

An anonymous reader writes: Polish authorities have extended the arrest of Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of KickassTorrents. His defense team is currently preparing to fight the U.S. extradition request, which will start next month. According to Artem's U.S. lawyer, operating a torrent site is not a criminal offense. "In fact, in my opinion operating an index search engine cannot constitute a crime in the United States because secondary infringement is not criminalized under US law. If KickassTorrents is a criminal operation, then Google should start worrying," Gurvits says

Comment Preach it! (Score 1) 358

The community can get fucked, nothing but a self-reinforcing pity party, inflicting mutual psychological self harm. The only benefit they provide is great cover, because of the stereotype of being awful, obvious, and dysfunctional. As for the umbrella: bunch of weekend warrior fetishists, lacking any conviction in their own identity, trying to steal validation from those who live it 24/7.

Comment Re:Male privilege (Score 3, Insightful) 345

Thankfully, medical practitioners can take a slightly more nuanced view of things, and don't take things at face value. Even to my untrained eye, it doesn't take long to notice that it's more akin to an simulation of social behaviour, than a fluent exchange - as such, it has all the hallmarks of the autistic behaviour.

Comment Re:Male privilege (Score 3, Interesting) 345

Where autistic men tend to latch onto trains, or other similar obsessions, many of the autistic women I've known have, at some point in their lives, become fixated on social interactions. The result is, with a lot of effort, they can be quite socially functional, albeit a little bit peculiar. This probably also skews the results of the test.

Comment Re: Cost (Score 1) 112

I weigh my ingredients, but I keep boiling until it goes the right consistency when dripped on an ice cube, or crinkles slightly when you push a finger through it after allowing a dribble to set briefly on a plate. After that, I just dump it in pre-sterilised jars to cool down, and pop the lids on while hot. They'll seal themselves as they cool, and if you've put enough sugar in, you shouldn't need to worry about them being contaminated by air/transfer, so there's no need for a full canning-style sterilisation. That's how we do it in the UK, anyway. I've never had a jar of home made jam go off - most of my ancient ones are lost to crystallisation, not mould.

Comment Re: Cost (Score 2, Informative) 112

Preserving sugar is large grain sugar suitable for making jams and jellies. The theory is the smaller surface area results in less froth and scum. Jamming sugar is that with pectin added. I've never needed to add pectin, though - I've just added some lemon juice if I have trouble getting it to set. Frequently, my problem is the opposite, and I've got lots of over thick jam in the cupboard.

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