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Submission + - Setting up a proxy to help Iranian protestors

lawyer boy writes: "Whatever our political differences, it seems that everyone in the West is pulling for those Iranians who are protesting their recent election results. As the Iranian government cracks down on internet access, citizens are calling for foreigners to provide proxy servers so that they can continue to get the word out. Instructions for using squid to accomplish this are popping up on the web as well as lists of available Iranian IP blocks. I'm sure that the Slashdot community can lend a hand in providing hardware/bandwidth and expertise re: how to provide proxy support without unneccessarliy compromising one's machine."
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Submission + - Twitter,public proxies aid in possible Iran revolt (

easyEmu writes: If your not reading, then you are in the dark about the potential revolution brewing in Iran. Hundreds of thousands of people are protesting in the streets while unprovoked religious police use force to kill, and beat back peaceful protesters. Coverage of all this is being made possible by twitter. Protesters are getting the word out to the international community by feeding public proxy servers live cell phone footage and pictures found by addresses posted to twitter feeds. The Iranian government is helpless in trying to stop the online coverage. Great stuff!

Submission + - NTT America halts backbone maintenance to aid Iran (

Paul L writes: "Due to the Iranian government censoring foreign media outlets, shutting down SMS services, and jamming major satellite feeds, Twitter has emerged as a prolific and undeniable new source of live information and as an organization tool for countless protesters. See #IranElection . Twitter is the number one information exchange at this moment in Iran. NTT America is Twitter's internet host. They had planned to do maintenance that would have brought Twitter down for 90 minutes in the early afternoon in Iran. Almost instantly #NoMaintenance began to trend. In a classy move by Twitter and NTT America, Twitter"> announced that they and NTT have worked together to move the maintenance back 1:30AM local Tehran time. The tweets are lowest at this time as protesters rest. Please don't critique the story, I'm not a journalist nor am I even that bright. :) Just trying to get the story out."

Submission + - Set up a proxy server for Iranian citizens (

RCulpepper writes: Austin Heap describes how to set up a proxy server for users with Iranian IP addresses. The Iranian government has blocked SMS and most cell phone service in the country, and filtered or DoS'd sites the protesters use to organize and communicate. Scores of protesters have been beaten and some, including students, have been shot and killed. This is an opportunity to give the Iranian people more than our best wishes.

Submission + - How lasers cut flesh

Roland Piquepaille writes: "Lasers might be at the cutting edge of surgery, but scientists still don't know much about how laser lights interact with living tissue. Now, researchers at Vanderbilt University have investigated how ultraviolet lasers are cutting living tissues. As you could have guessed, 'the effect that powerful lasers have on actual flesh varies both with the wavelength, or color, of the light and the duration of the pulses that they produce.' But the real finding of these researchers is that lasers cut flesh by creating a series of overlapping micro-explosions. This might improve procedures such as LASIK eye surgery or even brain surgery. Read more for additional references and a picture of a researcher working with these lasers."

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