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Comment Re:Except... (Score 1) 567

>> [...] doesn't detect dual boot set ups properly

That would kill it stone dead for me [plus see below].

From the linked page:

  • F-Spot replaces the GIMP [Lunacy. Two non-competing apps. F-Spot is a massively irritating and intrusive thing that pops up every time I connect my camera, has an incomprehensible interface, and which stomps around the place looking for images to blow into the screensaver. GIMP is a graphics editor. WTF were they thinking?]
  • PiTiVi video editor added [Couldn't care less]
  • GNOME 2.30 [Good]
  • New themes: Ambiance and Radiance [Couldn't care less]
  • New wallpaper [Couldn't care less]
  • Linux kernel 2.6.32 [Good]
  • New nVidia hardware driver [Good, provided it doesn't break my old Dell like 7.10 and 8.10 did by lying about how it supported the legacy cards]
  • Gwibber social media application [Couldn't care less]
  • Faster boot time, with a different look and feel on the bootsplash screen [Good]
  • Ubuntu One adds contacts and bookmark sharing [Couldn't care less]
  • Ubuntu One music store integrated into Ryhthmbox [Couldn't care less]
  • Ubuntu Software Center 2.0 [Is this like Synaptic or something?]

    It sounds to me a like there's too much window-dressing here for work users. But it should be attractive to the domestic user or newcomer.

Comment Re:Yeah, great idea (Score 1) 103

Your ISP will stop you from using a network card that doesn't follow the Ethernet protocol. If your device gives 00:00:00:00:00:00:00 as its MAC address, your ISP can reject all your packets. Now, of course, you can fake any MAC address. But the point is that your device must supply *some* MAC address, even if it is fake.

Comment Re:Well, then... (Score 1) 735

I had a previous employer who gave me a pager so that I could be "on call" when I wasn't in the office; I left it at the office. Unless being on-call outside of work times is part of my employment agreement (ie: discussed and negotiated before I take the job), it's not something I feel obligated to be/do.

That being said, I have occasionally worked off-hours for employers I liked in response to specific situations, and I wouldn't recommend my approach if you're at all insecure in your job and/or employment prospects. For me, though, I agree with the parent post: I'd be happy to be available 24/7 for the right price, but that's significantly higher than my 40-50/week price...

Comment Re:Adapt or else (Score 1) 324

Actually, Comcast is one they're pretty comparable to:

Comcast FY2008: revenue = 34,256 million, net income = 2,547 million
Google FY2008: revenue = 21,795 million, net income = 4,226 million

More interesting... Comcast's income has doubled over the last six years. Google has slowed down to the point where they're only doubling every two years or so. That's why Google has nearly five times the market cap of Comcast (another way to measure corporate size, since that's largely a measure of the expected future of the company).

Comment Re:But how can you trust the results? (Score 1) 260

I agree with this in principle, but, in practice, it doesn't seem to come up as often as one might think. I frequently use NCSA's Lincoln cluster with 384 Teslas. Early on, I discovered some "hard" memory errors (repeatable bad bits or rows). These were very early boards, which apparently hadn't been fully tested. This prompted the admins at NCSA to write the GPU equivalent of memtest86, which they ran for about a month if I recall. After removing the boards with bad memory (about 3-4, if I recall), they didn't encounter any "soft" errors (i.e. random bit flips). NVIDIA's Fermi will have ECC, which is reassuring, but I have found the present generation, without ECC, to be quite reliable. I should also note that the hard errors I found always resulted in NANs/INFs, etc., which are very obvious. I'd be more concerned with "silent" errors that subtly change the results.

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