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Hyundai's New 'Wearable Robot' Gives You Super-Strength ( 21

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: South Korean automaker Hyundai has unveiled what is apparently a new robotic exoskeleton. In a blog post the company compares its "wearable robot" prototype to an Iron Man suit, saying it gives the wearer extra strength, allowing them to lift objects "hundreds of kilograms" in weight. The company says that in the future the exoskeleton could be used in factories, by the military, or to help with physical rehabilitation. The suit appears to be a development of Hyundai's H-LEX platform. Hyundai isn't the only one working on robotic exoskeletons. The FDA recently approved a powered lower-limb exoskeleton for clinical and personal use, which allows people paralyzed below the waist to stand up and walk. Panasonic on the other hand is developing exoskeletons for factory workers.
The Military

The US Navy's Railgun Program 321

RougeFive writes "Imagine a warship weapon that can launch projectiles at Mach 10 without explosives (more than three times the muzzle speed of an M16 rifle), that has a range of 220 miles and that uses the enormous speed to destroy the target by causing as much damage as a Tomahawk missile. Meet the U.S. Navy's electromagnetic railgun program."

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