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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 312

What I'm talking about is different from that trope though. The trope is:

Arc begins ... pointless filler ... arc ends.

What I'm talking about is:

Introduction ... arc begins . arc ends

Filler up front, if you will. But the shows I like are complete stories in that 1 season (in the rare case of a second season, like Ghost in the Shell, it's a disjoint story arc, not a continuation of anything but the characters).

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1) 250

I guess "unapproved fun" is only important to me if I give a shit about the approval.

Yes, that is the winning move in the culture wars (... not to play). Sadly, it's a lot harder to make that move for struggling authors, indie game devs, and so on, reliant on social media and established forums to raise awareness of their existence.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1) 250

Do you think the voters know more or less about Trump as a result of his twitter feed? Do you believe there will be any confusion about who Trump is come November 2020? I think Trump's Twitter feed is a historic landmark in the evolution of democracy.

Have "our betters" been barring open thought and fun? I missed that chapter.

Have you missed the entire culture war? Anita Sarkesian tells us were having wrongfun if we enjoy mainstream video games. The folks at WorldCon tell us we're having wrongfun if we enjoy good SF books without regard to the political leanings of the authors. Hell, wear the wrong shit when you celebrate landing a space ship on a comet, and you're having doubleplus wrongfun.

I can only hope there's a special Hell reserved for moral scolds.

Comment Re:Hell, it's about time. (Score 1, Insightful) 250

Trump used Twitter to bypass the media and avoid having his words scrutinised before they entered his supporter's brains.

How dare the president talk directly to the voters in a democracy! Well, I never! It's a scandal, not letting the press tell the peasants what they're supposed to think. This whole country is going to fail, given the way people are thinking unapproved thoughts and having unapproved fun. Why won't they just listen to their betters? It's for their own good!

Comment Re:My gripes with the first 2 (Score 1) 539

Your code must have a uniform way to signal errors. In Java/C# this is done by throwing an exception, full stop.

You can use exceptions, but exceptions come with their own problems that are worse than NULL pointers in many cases.

Unless you're talking about the performance implications in C++, that debate was settled last century. Exceptions are the right way to signal errors, because the problem of forgetting to check for errors is endemic. Exceptions translate "I don't handle errors" to "abort", which is obviously the correct translation.

In C code, the return value is consumed by the error code, and any values have to be returned by output parameters. If done this way uniformly, you can at least try to catch the places where people forget to check in code review.

Just returning "null" because you don't have a standard convention for returning errors is the most wrong answer. Null for a potentially expected case is different (like an object not found in a map) - then it actually makes sense, rather than being a hack to avoid error handling.

Comment Re: Austin 16 minute commute? (Score 2) 253

That tends to be true no matter where you are.

There are plenty of places where a real estate bubble has pushed prices for buying up to nutty levels, while rents are low by comparison (but still high).

Basic rule of thumb: if you can buy for 100 months rent, that's a steal. If it's more than 200 month's rent, it's a rip-off (less than 200 if it's a condo with high fees). Somewhere in between is a matter of taste.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 331

Maybe a circular runway would have new and different visual cues?

For night/low visibility, you need a line of very bright lights leading up to the runway along the approach path - basically a bright arrow pointing to the start of the runway. That's not going to work if you must land at some arbitrary and varying point around the circle.

Comment Re:Can't blame NASA (Score 2) 166

NASA is a project management organization. They don't design rockets - they design requirements for rockets. The Major corporation that take NASA contracts design the rockets, from an engineering perspective.

This is really a comparison between having custom rockets farmed out to someone like Lockheed, vs just using "COTS" rockets from someone like SpaceX.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 331

The proposal is for a 2-mile diameter circle, so the curvature per se won't be that strong. You effectively get to have a runway aligned in the direction ideal for conditions. But what's not clear is how the heck you'd ever line up properly if you had an instrument problem. None of the normal visual cues would be there. Seems like a non-starter if it's effectively impossible to land with an instrument malfunction.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 312

Some better-quality anime has a formula that works quite well with a 10-13 hour series: the first third to half of the series is episodic, while they introduce the characters and establish what "normal" is - key in some SF or fantasy setting. The serialized story is then maybe 8 hours of content. That works well and doesn't get stale, and you know who the characters are and how the setting works before the real conflict begins.

I wish that formula would become more common - I really like it.

Comment Re:Would femdom be OK? (Score 3, Insightful) 646

It isn't about BDSM. It's about his beliefs in the hierarchy of men and women - i.e., that men are evolutionarily superior and predisposed to lead; women are happiest as slaves or at least subjugated to men. Nobody cares less about the whips and chains, we've all tried spanking.... things...

Is this going to be the D&D moral panic all over again? One can roleplay things one does not actually believe. Heck, whoever invented the AD&D take on Drow was doing both sorts of roleplaying simultaneously - how's that for efficiency.

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