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Comment Re:Hillary for prison! (Score 4, Interesting) 482

Of course she had intent. She used a personal email server to avoid this very event. Now it is happening anyway.

Of course, it will be whitewashed anyway, too.

While I agree she's dirtier than a coal miner working overtime, "what difference, at this point, does it make". We've established pretty thoroughly that she's above the law, so why is the FBI even continuing this farce? Further budget negotiations? I had assumed that FBI and DOJ had secured the appropriate monetary concessions from the coming Clinton budget when Justice announced no intent to bring charges. This is just baffling.

Comment Re:What is it that you say? (Score 2) 442

Uber is a taxi company. Everybody knows it. Everybody uses it like it. You can argue that the taxi industry is terrible, you can argue it's immoral to tax company A in favor of company B, or numerous other things. Just don't try to argue that Uber isn't a taxi company. It's pathetic, and it isn't fooling anybody.

Uber is obviously not a taxi service. The cars show up ontime, unlike a taxi service. You can easily pay with a credit card without a lot of drama, unlike a taxi service. They in general have reasonable customer service, unlike a taxi service.

They have maybe 10% overlap with the experience of a taxi. They're their own thing - not a taxi service, not a towncar service, but a different kind of people-hauling business.

Comment Re:Your console is the new PC (Score 1) 263

That sounds like a poor excuse for Blizzard not to sell them to fans of the old games, or at least let GOG sell them. GOG has made a quite nice business selling games with 90s graphics. Warcraft was a bit blah, even at the time, and the RTS mechanics were rough at best, but I found it fun for what it was. WC2, though, well I guess it's all subjective but I was a big fan of the art style, and the mechanics were polished. I think it stands as a $10 game today: certainly better by far than all the Unity asset-flip shovelware.

Comment Re: Bing It (Score 1) 256

The best image search? The world's best online calculator?

Everyone knows that Bing is for porn. And, yes, Wolfram Alpha is ridiculously good - it's from the same guys who make Mathematica, and it sits on a substantial raw data set for something general purpose (such as "all current and historical weather data"). It's not the all-purpose factual search engine it wants to be, but as a calculator on steroids it's quite nice.

Comment Re:Use Only as Directed (Score 1) 290

I see you don't spend much time with a random sampling of people of all walks of life. I found jury duty in Seattle especially eye-opening in that regard - people I had pegged during jury selection as far too nutty to make it onto the jury were in the top 20% of sanity. And of course the ER is heavily weighted towards Darwin Award contestants.

Comment Re:Your console is the new PC (Score 1) 263

I mostly buy games under $10, so I don't care about resale, and GOG games run just fine with no internet (Steam usually works pretty well was well, as long as the game itself doesn't have online DRM.) There's only a handful of older games that I can't download now, including Warcraft 1 and 2 which Bliz refuses to sell.

Comment Re:Your console is the new PC (Score 1) 263

You go to the store, put in your disk,

People still do that in the 21st century?

I never count on a game's launch being a window to actually get to play said games, reliably.

Fair point. I don't buy games at launch, because why buy $60 games? I do see this complaint frequently in reviews of console ports, but that was sort of the "not made by EA" jab. NMS just has no excuse.

You're also not factoring in cheats and hacks, which are HUGE factors for multiplayer PC gaming, that almost never effect consoles. Several high-profile AAA titles are sometimes nearly unplayable only because the mp component is on the PC, such as GTA V.

I was going to object "that's why on PCs you can run your own server", but I guess that ability is vanishing. Still, there are planty of multi-player PC games that aren't overrun by cheaters - if the vendor insists on running the servers, then they're signing up to police cheating. Very popular games like LoL don't have this issue, after all.

If you're just some random person, not too tech savvy, the process for installing and updating a GPU + drivers is far more advanced than simply confirming a mandatory install for a console's OS.

Sure, you need to buy an actual gaming PC, but GPU drivers come via Windows Update these days. So that's about the same.

Comment Re:Your console is the new PC (Score 1) 263

Yeh, Win7 seems to be the breaking change for many old games - stuff written in the XP era occasionally has issues, and I always check the forums first (if I buy em on GOG I never see issues). But Windows 7 is 7 years old now, and really it's the pre-Vista stuff that's troublesome.

I've never seen "Visual C++ runtime and .Net framework hell", but then I haven't bought a game in an actual box since Steam existed.

In any case, making new XBox games work as well on the "XBox family" seems no harder than the good results Steam and GOG have managed on games released in the past 5 years.

Comment Re:Your console is the new PC (Score 2) 263

The reason I dare say most people buy a console for games is they know any game they buy for that console will just-simply-work (unless it's from EA).

This isn't the 90s. Most PC games "just-simply-work" (unless it's from EA) today, and have for years, as long as you keep your box patched (reasonably current vid card driver). The only exception I've had in 10 years was the new Doom, that for some reason needed a page file to run, and that astonished me because I hadn't had to dick with PC settings to run a game in so many years!

Sure, you can fiddle around with video options on games if you enjoy tweaking things, but the game at least works out of the box, and most games these days default to decent video settings for your box, instead of minimum settings.

The only place I expect a problem with a PC game these days is if I buy an very old game on Steam instead of on GOG - and you'd think I'd have learned that lesson by now.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 2) 263

What they're saying is the games 5 years from now will still run just fine on the "scorpio" box, they'll just run without that photo realistic 8K graphics - no different that PC gaming these days. If you don't have a high-end vid card, you turn enough of the bling off to get the framerate you like. Heck, the new trend is to just make it automatic, and have the game tweak what it needs to to maintain framerate.

Comment Re:Famous words... (Score 1) 263

MS has also said that you'll be able to run XBox games on any Windows 10 PC. So they want you to be able to do either. It's a cool idea, but I'm not rushing to "upgrade" my gaming PC to Win10 just yet. My Xbone mostly gathers dust, but one that supported Keyboard and mouse properly for games where I liked that? I might take that seriously as a gaming PC alternative.

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