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Submission + - Texas & Florida to Revise Evolution Textbooks (

eldavojohn writes: "Texas, the second biggest textbook market among the states, & Florida plan to revise their textbooks & education standards to make room for creationism. The bulk of this article looks at whether or not this is a cunning move by The Discovery Institute (Creationism's proponent in the scientific realm) to eventually move these ideas to a national level. From a letter from the National Center for Science Education, "The DI has a long history of involvement with the Texas standards process and with textbook adoption in Texas.... Because of the size of the Texas textbook market, and because many other states follow their lead, publishers generally follow whatever direction Texas points them in." This could be a step back to teaching evolution as merely a 'theory' and thereby allowing teachers to expound upon other possibilities like intelligent design, Beelzebub, Zoroaster or even The Flying Spaghetti Monster's Noodly appendage."

Submission + - 6 Major Pre-Production Electric Vehicles Compared

rbgrn writes: With all of the hype surrounding hybrid vehicles today, I thought I'd do some research and post my findings on the next generation of fully electric and plug-in hybrids. The fully-electric EV has had a bad name in the past, mostly due to insufficient battery technology, politics, lack of performance models and other factors. Starting this year with the Tesla Roadster, the EV is going to take on a new form in the eyes of John Q Public. Quiet, efficient EVs will start to become commonplace in the next few years as major manufacturers go into production with the newest generation of vehicle sporting more powerful motors, efficient generators and the latest battery technology.

Submission + - Amazon releases 80's looking wireless media device (

funnyguy writes: Amazon today introduced their Amazon Kindle device. It allows users to wirelessly access news and books to read while sipping lattes at the coffee shop. It works by using EVDO for data transfer and does support some other file formats (word, images) that can be emailed. It retails for $400 and has no monthly fees. They apparently expect to make enough money from the news and book sales to pay for wireless costs. It also includes a high resolution display with "Revolutionary electronic-paper display", full QWERTY keyboard and is about the size of a small notepad. May be an interesting device to see if other OSes can be loaded and use the free EVDO.

Submission + - Riding Shotgun with the Google Street View Beetle (

longacre writes: "Popular Mechanics takes a ride in an Immersive Media VW Beetle, one of the six cars that drives around America shooting images for Google Maps Street View. Mounted on the roof is the $45,000 Dodeca 2360 video camera, whose 11 lenses record a 360 degree field of view at 30 frames per second, sucking up as many as 200 miles of city scenes per day. The setup takes up the whole back seat and part of the front passenger seat, and is all controlled with an off-the-shelf Logitech game controller. Includes a cool interactive raw video of a drive through Manhattan."

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