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Comment I don't really understand your point (Score 1) 17

Why does not knowing what happened to most people you knew in high school make you happy you moved to NY/NJ? Or, more broadly, how are the two even related?

In my opinion, you had a crappy time at our high school. But instead of interpreting that for what it was, you've gone on to make blanket statements about Austin, Texas that are wrong.

You are entitled to your opinions, of course, but I think your readers should know that they are getting a skewed view of my hometown. For example, your recent "I'm not a Jew" entry had a number of factual mistakes regarding Judiasm in Austin and your Jewish experience there. You make it sound like you were the only Jew there, and that is just not true.

While it is true that our high school had almost no blacks, that is the case for Austin in general. However, blacks are not the only minorities in America, and those other minorities are represented in Austin and our high school. While our high school is whiter than what you might find at the DMV (or the DPS), it is wrong to suggest that there was a single person of color at our school. That is just not true.

Your readers deserve to know that. And your other poster is right, you can find lily-white areas and pockets in almost any part of this country. Austin and NY/NJ are no different in that respect.

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