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Comment Re:If you cannot riot, democracy is lost (Score 1) 359

The "If you have nothing to hide" lobby are missing an important point. We don't live in a full democracy. If we did, there would be no problem.

The difficulty lies in the fact that we have a tiered democracy (don't call it 'representative', it isn't.) We vote only for the people who will take the actual decisions; we have no say over the legislation itself. That system allows rich individuals and organisations to influence our 'representatives' far more effectively than our puny vote does.

it's worse than that - we vote for the people (MPs) who vote for the people (cabinet) who take the actual decisions. Who then appoint people like Mandy and Suralan (and the quangos of course) to actually decide policy.

Comment Re:Well, we all know what to do... (Score 1) 359

The Pirate Party are the only ones serious about challenging ID cards; the tories are just making noises about it for political gain.

The Lib Dems and Greens are also strongly opposed to 'em, and both are more likely to be in a position to be able to assert power and do something about it. I fear the Pirate Party's obsession with 'free (gratis) stuff' also blinds them to the harm it'll do to Free (libre) software.

Free Software has always been at the forefront of Pirate Party policy, and when RMS speaks, the PPUK listens carefully and is careful to ensure that any proposed copyright reform will strengthen Free Software

(e.g. I think the current copyright reform idea from Pirate Party UK is that extended copyright should be conditional on source-code being held in escrow, for release upon expiry of the exclusivity period)

Comment Re:Simple Answer (Score 1) 673

Use different browsers for different purposes.

For example, use Google Chrome for your porn browsing, and then Firefox for your legit browsing.

In other words... Don't cross the streams!!

or better: run the same browser as different usernames. Then your normal account can't even access the data from the porn-browsing account. (especially when desktop-search or spotlight will happily index bookmarks from every browser installed)

Comment Re:Umm .... (Score 1) 673

They'd still have to type them in, and then when you start typing "", the wrong URL might come up in the suggestions...

Really the solution is a Chrome-like incognito mode, which I thought the new FF had, but i dunno.

It does: "Tools -> Start Private Browsing" (cmd-shift-P) (new in v3.5)

Comment Re:MvP (Score 1) 231

If you were trying to sue someone for violating your patent, where would you rather do it: A jurisdiction very friendly to patents, or one that is hostile to patents?

one that's where your office is, of course!

why are you allowed to pick remote locations to have a trial anyway? Isn't that like me suing you for publishing an atheist text in canada, and deciding that we should hold the trial under Iranian laws?

Comment Re:Dell UK. () (Score 1) 324

I suppose ... if I'd wanted to phone them up, and if I'd been willing to spend the time arguing, I could probably have got my preloaded Ubuntu system.
Instead, I thought "sod it" and order an Acer instead.

I do wonder if Dell are aware of they shenanigans going on at their UK subsidiary sometimes. Operating system evangelism is all very well, but this is costing them sales, you know?

That's pretty much how I remember Dell. All I wanted was a decent PC but with KDE and not Windows. Ubuntu wasn't available at all for 'business' machines (i.e. not pink laptops), and if I wanted RedHat I could phone them up and ask for a quote (i.e. no special offers). No thanks, I'll go for a company with linux PCs on their front page.

They must know how to preinstall different OS easily, since every Dell PC has a big long list of Windows options.

Comment the push (Score 1) 374

"The software giant has been pushing IE6 and IE7 users to move to IE8 ever since it arrived in March 2009"

Pushing is an understatement. Last time I checked, it was a critical security error (red warning icon on the taskbar) to have not installed their browser.

Comment Re:Stupid prices (Score 2, Interesting) 827

Did you happen to know that Pharma spends more for advertising in the US than R&D?

How about we get like almost every other country in the world, and ban prescription drug advertising, that would cut down on their costs dramatically, and make drugs cheaper for everyone.

wasn't there a good groklaw article on the subject just today?

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