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Comment Stop sending e-mails with link to update!!!!!! (Score 2) 113

How stupid can companies be? Stop sending e-mails with links to update, because scammers can do exactly the same!!!
By doing this again and again, companies are getting users used to clicking on e-mail links to update software, which I think
today is (one of?) the main vectors for malware (see DNC hack...). STOP IT! PLEASE!

Comment Re:Triggered, not caused (Score 2) 89

The energy could be released through a thousand small quakes, or a big one. Just like you can "trigger" the release
of the energy stored in a balloon with a pin or by slowly releasing the stored air.
Or that throwing stones just triggered the release of energy stored in glass walls that would have been released anyway on the way to

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Comment Re:2016 marks the end of Apple brand loyalty (Score 1) 361

I have the 12" macbook, and am quite happy. I think this is a step forward for apple, not backward. Apple always had non-standard connectors - thunderbolt, lightning, displayport, even magsafe (which is great). They were first to drop the floppy, and among the first to drop CD ROM. Thus, for a few years, it was really hard to get a good and fast hard drive that worked well with thunderbolt. Finally, they go with the standard!
It is true that for now you need adapters - USB 3.0 to C are quite cheap and small, but devices that are USB-C are starting to come out. It is really great to get to the office and just plug one cable in, for power, monitor, hard disk, etc. etc.

Comment Re:Honorable mention: circular reasoning, or beggi (Score 1) 311

Great comment!! The first time ever that I saved a clip from slashdot comments!

The funny thing is that just as languages have always changed, people commenting on other people's language has probably also been around for
a long time. Actually, there is a theory that says that one of the original functions of language was to distinguish in-group from out-group. So, the fact that
we use language today to distinguish grammar nazis from regular folks, or valley girls from east-coast girls, has also been around forever, and could be one of the reasons we speak.

Comment Price curve!! (Score 1) 117

You know, there is this thing called a price curve. At $0.99 you sell 10,000 copies of your cool game,
at $0.79 you sell 20,000 copies, or maybe only 5,000. The price of a game does effect how many copies
you sell, so just blindly assuming that developers "take a hit on their profit" because the price goes down
to $0.79 is a very simplistic view.

Submission + - WebAssembly and the Future of JavaScript (dice.com)

Nerval's Lobster writes: WebAssembly is the next stage in the evolution of client-side scripting. In theory, it will improve on JavaScript’s speed. That’s not to say that JavaScript is a slowpoke: Incremental speed improvements have included the rollout of asm.js (an optimized subset) in 2013. But WebAssembly—while not a replacement for JavaScript—is intended as a “cure” for a variety of issues where JavaScript isn’t always a perfect fit, including video editing, encryption, peer-to-peer, and more. (Here’s a full list of the Web applications that WebAssembly could maybe improve.) If WebAssembly is not there to replace JavaScript but to complement it, the key to the integration rests with the DOM and Garbage Collected Objects such as JavaScript strings, functions (as callable closures), Typed Arrays and Typed objects. The bigger question is, will WebAssembly actually become something big, or is it ultimately doomed to suffer the fate of other hyped JavaScript-related platforms such as Dart (a Google-only venture), which attracted buzz ahead of a Minimum Viable Product release, only to quickly fade away afterward?

Submission + - Apparent Technical Glitch Halts Trading on New York Stock Exchange (nbcnews.com)

edeefelt writes: Trading in all symbols was temporarily halted on the New York Stock Exchange floor Wednesday due to an apparent technical issue.

"NYSE/NYSE MKT has temporarily suspended trading in all symbols. Additional information will follow as soon as possible," the NYSE said in a statement on its status page.

A technical issue caused the trading halt, Reuters reported, citing a source. Trading stopped around 11:30 a.m. ET.

The Nasdaq reported no technical issues and said it continues to trade NYSE-listed stocks.

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