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Comment Firearms usage (Score 1) 440

I can understand the fourth amendment violation in this case.

Playing devils advocate, what would the argument be if a police officer was driving by on the street and had observed the suspect shooting the bottles with a firearm? I do know here in Arizona, that you cannot discharge a firearm within 1/4 mile of any occupied building. If that is the case in Washington, wouldn't thus give the police probable cause to search the home?

Comment Vehicle Type (Score 1) 605

From the Article:

"Drivers on the scheme will be given a TomTom PRO 3100 as part of the package, and the device will include Active Driver Feedback and LIVE Services to warn drivers when they were cornering too sharply or braking too hard."

I wonder if they take into account the type of vehicle?

A "sharp" turn, at say 20mph, in an SUV is more dangerous than the same "sharp" turn in a sports car.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 297

Ditto on the recruiters calling. I recently submitted for a promotion to management at my former job. Since I had to updated my resume, I decided to post it on I said I was looking for full time, non-contract work, but that sure didn't stop the recruiters from trying to contact me.

Submission + - Cox Internet is now Metered ( 1

leadfoot writes: Just got this email:

"Dear Cox High Speed Internet Customer,

We'd like to take this opportunity to announce the availability of the Data Usage Meter. This new feature provides an easy way to check monthly household high-speed Internet data usage at any time. Monthly data usage is the amount of data that users send, receive, download or upload each month for movies and videos, photos, web surfing, email, gaming, and other files.

Each of our packages has a specific data usage amount. The amount depends on your Cox High Speed Internet package and corresponds to the speeds provided with the package. Our speediest package provides the highest usage amount. You are currently subscribed to the Premier Package which has a monthly data usage amount of 250 Gigabytes (GB). This is equivalent to streaming about 138 standard definition movies, or 83 high definition movies in a month*.

The vast majority of our customers do not exceed their usage amount in a month and Cox does not charge you an additional fee if you exceed it. However, if you find that you are exceeding the usage amount for your package, you should check for the following potential causes:...... "

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