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Comment Re:In other words (Score 0, Flamebait) 275

How to pull 1 trillion dollars from businesses hiring developers.

It's nice to see good and responsible promotion of FOSS.

The part that's truly amusing, is that this effect is almost entirely due to the efforts of Comrade Stallman.

He wanted a license to reduce the amount of money circulating where software development was concerned. It might be true that less money is going in the direction of programmers, but the corporations are doing just fine. The fact that FOSS gives them the ability to outsource, actually means that they're saving money by being able to keep Asian programmers in sweatshops.

Comment Re:Can't blame them (Score 1) 1032

Because a nation that damn near openly states as a matter of policy an intent to destroy another country shouldn't be allowed to have weapons that can destroy countries?

Funny that, but with Israel's policy of taking over more and more Palestinian land, they're actively destroying Palestine.

Iran's threatening to do such a thing; Israel is actually doing it.

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