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Journal Journal: Time to grow up and put slashdot behind me 2

I am tired of the trolls here and I have made quite some enemies over the years. I feel like this is now a 35 year old version of highschool where it is popular to say certain things complete with squeaky cheerleaders girls rather than a place of intellectual thought. serves this much better.

I got modded down 0 troll for putting IOS in development requirements because it wasn't an official real language by self righteous asshats who feel threatened by their own unique C/unix way regardless of market demand which was my point. I do not belong here anymore. I am not a linux fanboy anymore as I feel it is not longer keeping up with the times and I refuse to be brainwashed into an idea and never change and grow old and set in my ways. I change with the times and adjust accordingly. I want a place where I can do this. Most importantly spend less time here and go better myself like a good middle aged person is supposed to do.

So goodbye!

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Journal Journal: A clarification 2

I am not a Windows troll.

I have read my older entries and realized I have aged and become less crazy about principles like I once was. I guess I view machines as tools now to get work done. In addition, from day one I hate people who choose to become zealots, and wear rose colored glasses with their heads in the sand to appear cool. This is true with GNU and Linux zealots as well. Dumb people or ill informed are one thing. No one but God knows everything about anything. However, ignorance with a smile is something totally different that does a great diservice to yourself and everyone around you. People need to learn and adapt to better themselves.

My views on Windows and Microsoft has shifted because they do good work in attacking bugs and being part of the security community. Also, I have given up on Linux for good as of March of last year when Gnome 3 and unity was coming out. IE 9 and Firefox 4 also came out with full hardware acceleration for Windows only. Windows 7 is MUCH MORE secure than its previous versions. I stand by my earlier principles. XP and IE 6 and 7 SUCK. But we should commend people or organizations that change and rightfully condemn those who do the opposite.

Instead of evangalizing people on Linux I choose to tell them to upgrade or get a Mac. My exwife was correct in wondering why I spend so much time reconfiguring computers with weird operating systems when her Vista box just works. I can't argue and I can't think of any non server related thing Windows can't do anymore. 1999 is over folks. Its time to move on.

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Journal Journal: [GW3k's Beloved] Untitled Poem I Wrote for My Beloved

Once under moonlight my heart wouldn't rest
I found myself wandering already dressed
I slowly peered through a small break in the trees
There stood that young woman whom I'd known from my dreams

And I listened as my love she said unto me,
"I will love you o'er rivers and borders and seas"
And Joy just like an arrow shot straight into me
I gave thanks my God as I fell to my knees

But Beauty she is often trailed by decay
And gardens once sprawled out in colored arrays
Will each in their season then to weeds give way
With abandon I wandered the wild astray...

I often recalled how she said unto me
"I will love you o'er rivers and borders and seas"
And as Joy had once pierced me, so now did grief
I wept bitter tears and I cried "You're a thief!"

And I searched high and low for the love I had lost,
Searching the night sky for stars Time forgot,
To fashion in them my final resting spot
For they gave me this fortune: to be with her not.

But just then a vision appeared in my mind
An image of that woman, arms raised toward the sky,
She said "I think I've come to understand the Lord,
The love that we shared we must give to the world."

And I listened in awe as her lips formed these words
"I will love you even on through the end of the world"
And I prayed unto God that this love may endure,
As a light unto all of the dark on this earth.

-- Thanks go to johndiii for his steadfast devotion to romance on his /. journal. There is always hope...

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Journal Journal: I failed with someone.... 5

And then I failed with somebody else. Let this be a lesson. Do not get close to anybody. Period. Be distant and impossible to approach. You will feel safer this way.
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Journal Journal: Back from the Philippines

Back from the Philippines as of April. Took video of the trip for the first time, will have something to share around July.

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Journal Journal: I love Ubuntu Linux

I just tried upgrading to Ubuntu Linux 7.4 Fiesty Fawn beta 1 last night. I started the update-manager -c to chose to upgrade online. I had one little problem ....

Anne turned off the lightswitch where teh laptop was plugged in during the upgrade. :-( So my laptop is half 6.10 and half 7.4.

Nervously, I turned on the laptop expecting it to not even boot up. Ubuntu booted up and I got a message saying I have 1022 updates available. I clicked on it and I got a message saying my version of Ubuntu linux is downgrading back to 6.10 and is fixing itself! Sweet!

In Windows if you had a partial upgrade the whole system would have blue screened. Ubuntu Linux will heal itself back to the original.

Anyway I think Ubuntu Linux is the best operating system ever made and I think average Joes can already use it. Its so easy to use and Linux should have been this easy years ago.

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Journal Journal: Leaving for the Philippines, still in court

I am leaving the U.S., with my wife Arlene, in two weeks. It will be our first trip back to her province in the Philippines since she and I left there two years ago.

It will be my own longest stay in Badoc, her town in Ilocos Norte. It's a great, green and lush rural placid place. But there are NPA (communist guerillas), and corruption. I'll be in Bacoc for two weeks.

I should come back with some good photos and video.

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Journal Journal: Why does everyone want me to run Windows

People find it odd that I run ubuntu Linux on this laptop but my argument is why run Windows?

Why do I need to use what everyone else uses from a convicted monopolist? I don't want to be different. When I run Windows I feel its Microsofts computer and not mine. Its that simple. I just want to run something that does not suck goatballs and is expensive. Sure Windows is no ok I guess but some of microsofts products such as MS Word I can not stand. For programming Linux suites my need and I dont have to wrestle with restore disks that no longer work.

However I am going to have to switch back to Windows again on my notebook.

The cell phone developer kit software for Java requires windows and its odd that Sun Microsystems would bother with a win32 only port of their mobility toolkit. Sun hates Microsoft with a passion and java supposed to run on many different platforms.

Well I suppose it may not be too bad. I heard postgresql and mysql now have native windows support where Linux is no longer needed.

Oh and I just applied for a new entry level web designer position in a windows only shop where frontpage and IIS skills are admired. Hmmm

Well compaq was cheap and did not give me the restore cd so I will have to see what I can do to order another one in the meantime.

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Journal Journal: I need less time to play around with Linux based oss'

I am now using my slashdot journal to mirror my livejournal one here . If anyone wants geek only stuff let me know and I will keep more personal related entried in my livejournal instead.

Last time I am configuring with Linux and operating sytems
I have things I need to get done and probably better things to do then this. For one I still do not have a job and depression about this is beggening to set it. Also I want to do things with my laptop like learning and doing something to better myself and my profession.

I wonder about certain forms of procrastination or is it just I get a high on having hte latest and greatest thing?

Anyway I found a workaround with the bugs I found in Ubuntu Linux 6.10 in my last post and I am giving it one more try. Its a real release as of this morning so that means it will stabilizie as hackers work on it.

I want to learn some html, more java, and perl to do some simple scripting and web based things like letting me know when someone replies to a friends journal via wget. Maybe I can work on my lj space as well.

With more time I plan to use Livejournal more and slashdot less.

Other than that I plan to get a non skilled job starting tomorrow if the geeksquads wont call me back or use a temp agency. I had it! I need money and a purpose and I feel some folks might be making fun of me and judging me on this. But I guess not everyone deserves as much as 12/hr. I just want it too but no one wants to pay me that. Maybe my skills are not all that? I dunno and I will worry about that tomorrow and this weekend

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Journal Journal: Ubuntu edgy is not ready for prime time 2

Fedora 6 has come out and Ubuntu Linux 6.10 "Edgy" is coming out within 3 days. I downloaded Ubuntu Linux "Edgy" release candidate. Let me tell you its not ready. Ubuntu has been historically easy for newbies and very stable. So far I found 4 bugs since I installed it last night mentioned here,
here, and here. Last the installation froze when I repartitioned my Windows drive. Scary stuff but miraciously I did not lose data. So or my other unix nerds on here my advice is to not upgrade.

I am getting my old ubuntu 6.4 cd's as I write this and plan to wipe my disk and put last June's version of Ubuntu. The fonts are ugly but I found out how to backport Edgy's fonts to 6.4. I think by Thanksgiving I may upgrade back. What a shame as the new linux is pure eye candy but I want my computer to just work. Ubuntu needs to focus more on quality and that is its strength. I hope they fix more of the 600+ bugs in it.

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Journal Journal: May my computer, the cray-MPIII RIP 1

May the cray-MPIII rest in peace.

I put in the new ram last night and as soon as I turned on the machine I smelled burned silicon and the machine never booted. I swear I inserted the dimm memory module properly. The AGP video card was mostly in the way but both ends of the bank clipped on the ram module. ... or so I thought??

Maybe the ram chip fried since it was underclocked? But underclocking it wont destroy it or my memory controller in my computer.

I put the old ram chip back in and zip... nada. Then since I toggled the video card I decided to swap the video card again. still no luck.

Its dead jim.

My monitor has been going out on occasion due to a damaged video cord. I wonder if the monitor is the culprit? If I had a brain I would not have been lazy and not put a pc speaker in my system. Without the beeps I dont know what the computer is doing at all.

THere is a computer guy I know at work and according to him, he thinks my whole system is fried. Likely the memory controller is out. But that doesn't make sense at all. I will try to recover my system again tomorrow morning with an older monitor to see what the culprit is.

This is really bad since I have critical files like my Itunes music collection on the system and its encrypted and DRMed galore to prevent me from transfering the music to another system. Damn hollywood always loves to accuse its users as pirates. My Ipod still has the music but refuses to play it since it thinks I am a different user. To fix it I need to sync to my now dead computer. What can I do? For one I am thinking of throwing my Ipod away and refusing to ever download music online again. I hate buying crappy waayyy overpriced cd's but I do have consumer rights like uh, backing up my music... WOW what a novel concept! You mean I can listen to my own music without my own equipment denying me fair use? Who would of that of that? When it comes to MP3 players I would have to say stay far away from Ipods. This Ipod is becoming a real nightmare.

I have another memory module for this notebook and I now have a fear of installing it on it. I dont want 2 dead computers.

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Journal Journal: Life sucks 1

A lesson to all you kids out there. Get a degree. Yes, it may be beneath you. But it might not be beneath the unimaginative overlords who will rule your world one day.

That is all.

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