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Submission + - Microsoft to pay $10-$15 bribe per Windows phone s (

larry bagina writes: Unofficial Microsoft PR mouthpiece Paul Thurrott reports that Microsoft/Nokia are planning to spend $200 million (or more) to push Windows Mobile. "Included in the plan are sales incentives for retail workers, aimed at getting them to finally start recommending Windows Phone as an alternative to Android and iPhone. The amount of payments are $10 to $15 per handset sold, depending on the number sold, for some handset models."

The mac blogger cabal shit a brick over his revelation that he saw internal Microsoft documents and didn't immediately report on them.


Microsoft Makes Testing IE6 and 7 Easier 167

davidmcg writes "Finally, Microsoft has made steps to make testing IE6 and IE7 easier for Windows users. Previously, you had to pay for an additional Windows license to legally run both versions of IE for testing purposes. Now Microsoft is making available free Windows XP/IE6 images available for VirtualPC (also free as MS is competing with VMWare). This means that you can run IE6 in a virtual machine while running IE7 on your host machine. The drawback is that the download is set to expire April 2007 ... although we are promised new versions will be released. What Microsoft doesn't mention is that Virtual PC also runs on Windows 2000 (and IE7 doesn't). Therefore it's possible to install this Windows XP VPC image on your Win2k machine. You can then update IE6 on the XP image to IE7, testing IE7 without upgrading from Win2k. This is all-around excellent news for web developers."

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