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Comment Re: Help us Google Fiber! You're our only hope. (Score 1) 568

More like 16Tb per fibre pair in each direction, most of the major commercial vendors (ALU, Infinera, Ciena, etc.) have 4+ Tb systems out.

And long-haul fibres are usually getting towards 372 fibre, even metro rarely goes less than 72 fibre.

Only submarine systems run much lower than that, with a usual limit of 8 or 16 fibres due to the requirements led by inline amplification.

Comment Re:The problem is (Score 1) 78

Er, No.

The "big boys" are the IP networks, and have been for years, in practice there's two major vendors (Cisco & Juniper) and a bunch of also-rans that can play somewhat (ALU and Brocade [Foundry]).

ALU kit can run core & transmission, but it's not the top tier kit.

The "big boys" are also migrating wholesale to 100g links as their multi-terabit backbones get painful to manage with trunked 10g links.

Comment Re:Helps but not a complete solution. (Score 1) 953

That's utterly false.

It's the stateful firewall that's doing that, which is a pre-requisite for some common forms of NAT.

Most, if not all, IPv6 supporting consumer routers by default have a firewall configured on IPv6 with essentially identical semantics to that for v4, allow all out, allow nothing in.

Comment Re:If Google sold servers... (Score 1) 152

"bonded/trunked NICs"

Why does that matter? The only justification for bonding with 10g these days is "redundancy" and I've seen many more outages (at a variety of sites) from people failing at bonding than I have from switch failure.

If a machine is that critical the service it runs shouldn't live on a single machine.

Even at my last job where we had a design based on multiple SPOFs we lost machines to PSU or drive/RAID failure several times, but never network, except for the one site that did "redundant" NICs.

Comment Switches (Score 2) 140

Pretty most software devices I've seen have either been a rebadged Dell or Supermicro, with the top end running custom cases, and the low end doing whitebox.

In terms of "real" networking kit though, there is a bunch of switches that run linux:

Arista (everything)
Extreme (everything running XOS, which is all current models)
Cisco (everything running IOS XE, the only switch being the 4500-X)

All Juniper devices that run JunOS are FreeBSD, this includes both the EX and QFX switch lines, as well as their SRX firewalls.

Also most of the openflow-aimed switches run Linux, eg http://www.pica8.com/

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