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Malware Threat To GNOME and KDE 348

commandlinegamer writes "foobar posted on his blog recently about 'How to write a Linux virus in 5 easy steps,' detailing potential malware infection risks in the .desktop file format used by GNOME and KDE. This is not a new threat, and it appears to still be a risk, as discussions in 2006 did not seem to come to any firm conclusion on how to deal with the problem." There's a followup on LWN.

Submission + - Copyright ambiguity might throw Disney a Mickey (latimes.com)

Hyper writes: "Former Disney enthusiast and onetime research assistant Gregory S. Brown believes the position of Walt Disney's name on title card for "Steaboat Willie" is sufficiently vague to throw into doubt the Walt Disney Co.'s long-held and vigorously defended copyright to the character Mickey Mouse, at least as he appears in that 1929 cartoon. Joseph Menn's story in The Los Angeles Times [http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/business/la-fi-mickey22-2008aug22,0,6896401.story?page=1] describes the title card like this: "Steamboat Willie, A Walt Disney Comic, By Ub Iwerks, Recorded by Cinephone Powers System, Copyright MCMXXIX." Some copyright scholars believe the separation between the name Disney and the word Copyright is sufficiently distant to question ownership of the character. Iwerks was a legendary Disney animator; Cinephone was an early distributor. Disney's legal department disagrees, of course, but some law school student class projects conclude otherwise. The story offers a fascinating glimpse into company thinking and the motives (including an amazing early copyright loss) behind Disney the corporation's sometimes excessive bullying, as in the case of a childcare center being ordered to stop painting Disney characters on its walls."

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